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My little baby has grown up. And he’s bent on showing it every which way. Sunday morning, he proved his point once again. I held him in my lap and sat down for breakfast. My daily bowl of daliya. And the lil guy hijacked my breakfast!!! He insisted on being fed! Daliya ki kheer!!!!! Of all things. Each spoon I brought to my mouth, was attacked. I gave in and let him have a few drops of it. But that wasnt enough. He pouted and he wailed and insisted I feed him ‘properly’ – like a big boy – sitting up, not lying down! Anything more than a 5 second interval between spoonfuls was met with a wail and an attack on the bowl itself!  Take a look at Mommy’s big boy:

Eating Mommy's breakfast

Eating Mommy's breakfast

He’s now made it a daily habit – he MUST eat from Mommy’s bowl.

The delicate little baby has become a rough n tough lil boy. Always jumping around. Always exploring. Bouncing around all the time. Wanting to stand up on his own. Refusing to lie down.  Even for his massage. He can hold on to stuff and pull himself up to sitting, and even standing position. He loooves climbing over Mommy each morning. He loves eating from Mommy’s plate.

From cute baby suits he graduated to jeans n Tshirts

From his lil bath tub, he’s moved on to the pool.

From just breast milk to milkshakes and khichdi.

He refuses to sit in his pram or his cradle any more.

There was a time when he could barely move his little hands. I’d hold his small hand in my fingers. His hand was too tiny to even wrap fully around one finger. Now the fellow grabs hold of my Tshirt by the collar and pulls himself up to standing 🙂  That’s his latest exercise – to pull himself up to standing. He likes doing squats. Er!

Sigh.. where did my little baby go… He’s growing up too fast for me. I wish time would slow down. I want these moments to last longer. I want to savour it a while more.. the teeny weeny fingers wrapped around mine, little hands holding on to me, the little feet digging into me when I sleep. Those long hourly feeds.. how I hated them then.. now I long for them. The satisfaction when he was fully fed .. the happiness on his face, the playfulness.. dozing off after a satisfied meal… I miss it all now. My supply has gone down drastically in the last few weeks. I cant even feed him a full stomach in the mornings. Have to supplement it with Lactogen or milkshake or something. And I feel sad. I wanted to continue feeding him till he’s a year old.. Doc says its probably coz of the stress, food habits etc etc.. besides which, its been 6.5 months… All I can do is improve my diet and relax. Easier said than done.

He’s also turning into a helpful lil lad. See, he helped Mommy do her grocery shopping today. He loved exploring MK Retail, and gleefully pulled stuff from the shelves!

And oh, did I mention the laundry 😉

Mommy's lil helper folding the laundry

Mommy's lil helper folding the laundry


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