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I’m starting to look for a creche. For when Goosh turns 1 yr old. Yes, starting to look from now. I want to be assured that there’s a good place nearby to send him too. And I’m also trying to get some creche/day care set up on our campus.

Would love your feedback on what kind of things to look for a in a good creche…

I think first comes the people who run it – they should genuinely love kids. All else follows.

Is it better to have a creche near home or near office?

Near home is good so that the kid doesnt have to travel much. But then, when both parents are working and there’s no one at home during the day, what will you do in case of an emergency?

I think near office is better. But then that means that the kiddo has at least a 30 min commute each way; and he has to be strapped into a car seat, which is kind of tough.  But I’ll be close by during the day… and hopefully, I can visit him during the day. However the few good day-cares I’ve heard about (close to office) dont allow parents to meet the kid during the day!!!

Would love to hear about your experiences! Do write in!

And ya, I just discovered polls 🙂


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