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Daddy ka chamcha

HD has been back in Bangalore all of 15 days. And Goosh has turned into a complete and total Daddy ka chamcha.  It’s Daddy he wants as soon as he wakes up. It’s Daddy he wants to play with all day. It’s Daddy who now puts him to bed each night – with out tears and tantrums – a feat that Mommy still finds impossible to do. And all this makes for one Happy – and a wee bit jealous (ok, a very very jealous) Mommy.

He’s got so attached to Daddy, that he came down with a fever this weekend – ‘coz Daddy had hopped off to Bombay for some work. And mommy was at her wits end with a cranky clingy baby!

The fever mysteriously vanished once HD got back. To be replaced by a runny nose and the coughinng.

Daddy dearest is playing ‘mommy’ to the hilt. Massages and fun baths. Long walks and crazy talks. Music. Dancing. ‘Helipocter’ rides.

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The Goosh had a blast this Saturday.

We met up with a bunch of friends.  3 babies, 1 toddler, 7 adults. Mayhem. Fun.  Unlike other weekends, I planned in advance. A year in advance.  From the time we were all moms-to-be.  Yes, thats how long it takes to get a bunch of women to get together. This time, I even made sure I checked with their husbands. All the effort was worth it.

Met at RMZ Infinity.  An office complex! And we all took a liking to it. The lovely open space, the evening sun,  kids swapped, we were a happy bunch. You’d think you’re in some kiddies park rather than an office complex!! The Goosh completely forgot about my existence. For a whole of 20 minutes. N took him around for a while. Then K kidnapped him. But after the first minute my new found freedom felt too alien to enjoy. I got Goosh withdrawal pangs. I missed him. Didnt know what to do without him. Felt sooo lonely and miserable and useless! And thankfully by then, he also felt the same.  A minute after I walked into this store, I find K standing by the door, Goosh with his nose pressed against the glass, a sad long face, looking out for Mommy in all earnest. After that, we made sure not to let each other out of sight 😉

The Goosh then went on a hogging spree. He ate up more of the gourmet biscuits N had got, than her son did. He’d let out a cry for more if she waited more than 2 seconds between morsels. Embarrased mortified Mommy’s attempts to distract him were all useless. He later repeated the same for the pizza, garlic bread, dosa, appams and everything else on the table. He sampled EVERYTHING. And kept asking for more. Everyone silently wondered if I’d been starving the lil mite.  Me: thrilled to see his enthusiasm, worried and oscillating on whether to let him have his fill and risk a tummy upset – or to let him keep screaming for more.

Ofcourse, the uttapam, cerelac and biscuits that I’d packed from home were stubbornly refused.

I looked at the other 2 infants. Sitting quitely on the table. Content to play with their toy. Calmly. In one place. While parents had dinner. While the Goosh jumped all over the table. And me. And through the frenzied-preventing-baby-from-jumping-off-the-table, I was still so proud of Goosh, all mush.

Besides the food, the Goosh got high on all kinds of human cannon ball stunts thanks to the uncles. Flying through the air, twirling round and round on head and all kindsa stuff that had me feeling giddy – and terrified – just looking on.

Ever so often, I found myself checking out the other babies’ stuff. How cute, how practical, how colorful. oh-i-want-that-for-goosh.  Felt a twang bad. Most of the stuff I have for Goosh is so practical, so plain. None of those bright colorful cutsie things. How did that happen!?!?!? I want to go out and shop for him all over again!!

On the way back, we were entertained with had alot of acrobatics, wrestling and wailing practice in the car. I thought the lil fellow must be tired, but he had me fooled. Back home, a good feed from Mommy later, he was up and about, like he just had a 3 hour nap. And so play time continued…..

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OK, this one’s been doing the round of the internet for quite sometime now. Being new to blogging and tags etc, took me a while to figure it out. And no one’s tagged me yet, but I’m still going to go ahead and do this – ‘coz i just looove being a Mommy 🙂

It started off here. The idea for Mommy bloggers across the globe to write 5 things that they love about being a Mom.

1. I love waking up to little hands feeling my face, and little eyes, open wide staring right at me. Its pure bliss being with the Goosh early morning. The love in his eyes just makes me melt. And I forget the rest of the world.

2. I love feed times with the little kiddo. Yep, even when he bites. Even when he decides to play and blow bubbles. Those are special Mommy and Juno times. Just the two of us. I get to see him in so many moods – hungry, cranky, satisfied, happy, playful, sleepy and I could go on and on. From the time he was just about the size of his daddy’s palm, to now when he can barely fit onto my lap. From when I had to hold him lest he roll off the supporting pillow, to now when I have to hold him from jumping off to play.
And he looks into my eyes with such depth..

3. I love sitting with him in the balcony and watching the ‘peep-peeps’ go by. Thank you red-volvo buses. You are his favourite. The grin on his face when he spots one of those red dabbas honking their way through. And the way his face lights up with sheer glee when I say “peep peep” into his ear. And the way every once in a while, he turns around to look at me with a smile.. “Mommy, u still there.. did u see that bus.. i love you mommy”
Dear baby, I wish I could show you birds and flowers and butterfiles each morning instead of the peep-peeps… I really really wish… but that’s the price I pay for living in an sky rise in a city like bangalore. Instead of birds and flowes and insects, you get to see small multicolored cars and buses from the balcony.

4. Bath times… From the time he was a teeny weeny thing and I was so scared to give him a bath….
The first time I made him stand in the bucket – he was shorter than the bucket. Now when I make him stand in it, it comes only till his waist. Now the tub is his playground. The few tentative pokes testing the water have become furious splashes and both baby and Mommy are soaking wet. And every single day it breaks my heart when he cries as I take him out of the tub.

ok.. i’m just going on listing about everything that I do with the Goosh. You can see how enamoured I am 🙂

5. I love watching him grow. Witnessing each moment of his life. Seeing him grow from a teeny weeny little thing entrusted to my care to this rambucious little brat he is today. Seeing through his eyes, the world for the first time – the first flower, the first rain, the first car. The first syllable, the first food, the first step. See him master each new sense, each new skill…
It puts things into perspective. Things that really matter. Things that really make a difference. What life is all about.. And I feel blessed. And thrilled. And proud. And whoopppping happy to be the Goosh’s Mommy 🙂

OK, and now your turn. I tag Tiku, rashmi, Mamta, IndianHomemaker, Shal

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You are my sunshine..
My only sunshine

This morning, you woke up before me. I was still asleep. You were cradled in my arms. You turned over, propped up on your stomach, raised up your head and lay there looking straight at me. For what felt like a good 5-10 minutes. I was still all dazed. Then you reached out, and touched my face. And started cooing to me. “Mommy.. Mommy.. wat you doing mommy.. wake up mommy.. Juno wants to play”..if you could, I swear those would be the words you’d say. I opened my groggy eyes. You realise and instantly perk up. Your little head bobbing near my shoulder. A wide grin. Pudgy little hand swatting at my face. All thrilled and excited. “Mommy, lets go.., its a new day…”. And we lay there smiling at each other. I turned you over, curled you in, and tried to urge you to go back to sleep. But you’d have none of it. 5 seconds and you were wiggling and squirming. You wiggle away, turn over and again sit there eyeing me. I pat you and pull you down hoping you’d sleep. 5 minutes later, you settle down a bit. And I’m thrilled!!! Yeeeeeeeeeah! Some more shut eye. .But then you’re unusually quite. You’re face down, snuggled into some pillows. And I pull them away to see what you’re upto. I find you coolly munching away at the sheets! Apparently you think that’s the best way to brush your teeth in the morning. 🙂
And then I give in. I get up.. We roll about on the bed. We dance. We gush. We romp about. We laugh. We sing. And we smile. Happy and content. You are my sunshine.. my only sunshine…..

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The Goosh is 6 months old today!!! I cant believe it!!! I remember the first time I held him in my arms. I was wearing the same gown in the hospi – that I’m wearing as I type this.. hehehe…  and he’s already a 6 month old brat. The naughtiest kid ever!!!

As soon as he woke up, he knew today was special. Instead of his normal aaa, and aayaa, he greeted me with  shouts of glee. Bright eyed and all jumpy first thing in the morning. Trying to run off the bed, climb over me, dig his way under the pillows, all at once. If that were possible.  As if someone had him red-bull while he was asleep. And it wasnt me.  Made it too darn difficult for me to hold on to him while I answered all the b’day calls from Daddy, Nana and Nani.

We stepped out of the room and at first he didnt notice the decorations. Then I took him over to each and held out his hand and let him touch it. All the shiny banners and streamers. And he kept looking at me – is Mommy all right..she’s letting me touch and pull stuff !!! 

We went over to a bunch of huge balloons. I held out his hand again. The balloons bounced up and down. He looked back at me in wonder. Then waved his hand about some more. The balloons bounced about more. And a thrilled baby chuckled in glee.

Then I kept him on the floor. Dadu brought him more balloons to play with. And the Goosh attacked them. All thrilled. Bumping into them. Scattering them. Scraping them.. and Boooom.. bursting them. When the first balloon burst, he looked up at me in shock. Big eyes open wide, ready to burst into tears. But we burst out laughing. And he took the cue. And smiled too. And went right back to wrestling with the balloons. 5 minutes and as many close calls to tears later, most of the balloons had vanished and we thought there had been enough carnage for the day.

Next were the toys. Rattles and drums and teethers. All daintily wrapped in shiny paper. Specially tied with ribbon so that the Goosh can open them himself.  All that practise he’s done opening his nappies shouldnt go in vain. With a lil help from everyone, the floor was soon strewn with wrapping paper and the toys. Dont know which he enjoyed more – the shiny, crinkly paper or the new toys 🙂

From May09

And now that he’s mastered the keyboard, time to move on – to Percussion!!!  ShivaMani, watch out, you’re next on Juno’s hitlist!

From May09

Then it was time for the usual, massage, bath, Mommy’s office etc etc. Dadu kept up the festivities while Mommy was away at office. “Happy Birthday to you” played in the background the whole day.  And the Goosh decided to skip his usual mid morning and afternoon naps and stayed awake the entire day!  I think he knew we were pampering him more than usual and decided to make the most of it.

I got some cake in the evening. And the Goosh got full rein to indulge in it.  He loved playing with it. But for some strange reason, did not try putting it in his mouth. And when I tried to get him to taste it – phooey. He clammed up and refused to. First kid I’m seeing who refuses cake!

From May09

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15th April.

HD is here for a week. ANd the goosh has gone completely ballistic. You can see it in their eyes. Both are just so thrilled.

HD was a bit skeptical when he came – will Juno recognise him. But he need not have worried. From the minute he got here, Goosh has been hogging him like there’s no tomorrow. I swear. The little kid seems to know that Daddy is here only for a week. He’s been talking to Daddy non-stop, catching up on all the details of the whole month gone by. Daddy in turn, has not let him down. Literally. He’s been carrying the Goosh around all the time, holding the kiddo in his lap, talking to him, throwing him up in the air, showing him a million things. All boy stuff. They’ve formed a mutual admiration club. The goosh rewards HD with wide grins and giggles and coos. And ofcourse, drool. He refuses to sleep, or even eat. He wants to make the most of all the time he has with Daddy.

That ofcourse, leaves me a tired, wailing baby to take care of. His routine’s gone for a toss. He’s no longer taking his afternoon naps. He refuses to feed from me. Keeps trying to run out of my lap and go find Daddy. No kidding. The 5 month old actually tries to get off my lap and run. So I have to call HD and make him sit behind me and play with Juno while I feed him. Same goes for the massage. The kid just refuses to be away from Daddy!

The last few days have left him so tired, that he slept a straight 12 hrs last night. Made me worried and thankful at the same time! He got up to feed only twice.

Its so wonderful to see them together. Like they were made for each other. Each dotting on the other. With Daddy here, goosh has upped his naughtiness. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, Daddy will rush to him and then they’ll have their own silent morning ritual. Smiles and nods exchanged, hands held, cuddling up. Within 5 min goosh realises that it’s Daddy, not Mommy he’s with. And he goes into his ‘big boy’ mode. He’ll talk to Daddy, chukcle, giggle, lots of ‘aaa’s and aayye’s and smiles. They look into each other’s eyes with such love. And I sigh. And put a kala tikka on them.

HD’s taken to playing Daddy Daycare. My wrist is busted. And HD’s been massaging and bathing Goosh. And the Goosh – simply loves it 😦 🙂 He’s so thrilled. Coos and plays with Daddy right thru the massage. Unlike with me where he screams and cries and has to be bribed by letting him chew his rattle. Bath times are all the more fun. Daddy n Goosh stand under the shower. And Goosh looked a little lost as the little drops reached him after bouncing off daddy..

Its the first time we’ve been a little family. Just the 3 of us. And it feels so good. Daddy n Juno playing about like little boys. And me the watchful Mom keeping an eye on them, reminding them to eat. Funny. I already picture goosh as a naughty little boy rather than a baby.

The way I play with Goosh is so different than HD’s. Mine is more abt talking and chuckling. His is more fun, louder, making goosh fly thru the air. Its so different. And a kid needs both ways.

Looking at the 2 of them playing together, I feel a tang of envy and a touch of sadness. I dont play with goosh that way. I dont get to play with Goosh that way. HD’s here on vacation. He has all the time on his hands. No office work (ok he did work from home a while). No house work. And a maid to feed Goosh. I have house work, and office work, and I feed Goosh. I spend alot of time with Goosh – but it feels like all the time is spend ‘doing something’ – feeding, bathing, massaging, more feeding. Not playing freely. By the end of the day, by the times chores are done, I’m poopped. And I just cant bring myself to play with Goosh in the energetic way that HD does. I want to just crash. I just hold Goosh and sit. I talk to him. I make him smile. And I just hold him. I dont get to see as many of those estatic chuckles. I dont get to see that naughty twinkle often enough. But I do get lots and lots of smiles. I do get to see that look of satisfaction after every meal. I do get that adoring look each morning. And I do get to see him slip into blissful sleep after each feed.

Each passing day, I am so thankful for Goosh. The little brat. With twinkling eyes and a naughty smile, who’s changed our lives so. He’s a handful, this little person. Adorable, naughty, wonderful.

And I feel a bit sad about HD not being here to witness it all. Each of goosh’s little firsts. All his naughtiness. His adoration. His smiles. Am glad that his one week here was packed with fun and good times with Goosh. The week has gone by so fast. HD is back in Indore. And I’m back to being a single Mum.

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