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GameZen – the lounge – goes LIVE!!!!


GameZen went LIVE  today!!!!!

I’ve uploaded some of the pics at the GameZen blog. Do check them out and let us know what you think. These are photos before people came in today.  I maxed out my camera’s SD card . Just kept clicking away.

A hearty thanks to those of you who wrote in, sms’d, called and came over!


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Invitation to the launch of GameZen

This post has been in my draft for about a week now… just not getting any online time to post it!!! We’ve been at the site an all week and its  ‘almost’ ready.  I’ve managed to mail some of you directly.. but am sure I would’ve missed out on someone in the mad rush… so now am rushing to do this post..:)

Dear  blog friends,

We’d love for you to join us for the launch of our new Gaming Lounge: GameZen ! We’re holding an open house and would love for you to come over experience GameZen, and give your feedback.

What: GameZen Launch

When: 26th and 27th March, 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Where: GameZen,

1st Floor, TMR Towers,


Varthur Main Road,

Bangalore 560 066.

Landmarks: Above Heritage “FRESH” on Varthur Main Road, 0.5 KM from Marathalli enroute to Forum Mall, Whitefield.

Or look us up on Google Maps

Online: Check out our website: http://gamezen.in

Join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GameZen Come Experience GameZen!

Photos: You can check out some photos on our Facebook page

Hope to see ya there!!!!!

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Come over and meet my 16 month old!

All of a sudden, he’s gotten into this tantrum throwing mode.

3 days ago, he discovered how to stamp his feet and do a little jig of displeasure. We laughed our heads off and thought it was cute.

Then started the wailing. And screaming. If you as much move a glass he’s playing with. Or wipe his face. Or sigh.. anything at all. Dunno where he’s picked it up from!!  And SO SUDDEN!

Y’day and today, its all been about asserting himself. What he wants. When he wants it. How he wants it. Doesnt matter if its hot tea. Or his bath tub. Or the pottie. If he wants it, he wants it.  And if we dont comply within seconds, theres stomping. And wailing. And howling….

Its funny and infuriating at the same time. And amazing. To see this little 2ft tall imp assert himself. And howl in frustration when we dont understand. Or when we dont comply.

The last 3 days have brought about more changes. He’s started saying  ‘woti’, ‘daaaaal’, ‘chahiye‘ and other tid-bits.  My heart swells with pride at each new word. And sighs…that my lil baby is growing up so fast… (ya, i know i say that in almost each post thse days!!!)

Other updates: Goosh had a rocking holi, complete with rain dance and all. And topped it up with a kiddie party at a friends. Updates soon!

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Need a UPS for power backup

Going out on a limb here……..

We need power backup for the new lounge .  And none of the leads we had turned out to be promising. And we’re tight on time… sigh…

Can someone give me any leads to a reliable UPS/Inverter vendor?

Specs required:

1. Location: Marathalli, Bangalore

2. WAVE FORM   : Pure Sine Wave

3. Input                            :  Single Phase

4. Output                         :  Single Phase

5. CAPACITY                 :  5.0 KVA / 120V  

Not quite my usual kinda post.. sorry….

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A record of sorts

I didnt know Goosh’s room would be SUCH a hit!!!

This blog got 295 hits the day I posted, 183 the next day.   The post also holds the record for the max comments on any post 😉

Thank you  everyone for putting me in Mommy Heaven!!!!! 😀

Oh, and I crossed another milestone somewhere along the way. According to WP, this is my 206th post  😀

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Bliss II

Am I on a trip or what!!!??

Just couldnt let this pass.

I call home around 2. On hubby’s mobile. I hear Goosh shriek. Followed by a whole lotta background prodding -“mummy ka phone hai, phone pe baat karo”… and our normally phone shy dude bursts out “Mamma”!!


Aah the bliss I tell you!!!

And I talk to him. And he talks back. With a whole lotta prodding – but still. “Maaaamma”..”Mammmmma”..”mumma”..

And so it goes on

Smile. Smile. Smile. Grin. Grin.

I’m on cloud 9!!!!!!!

Normally, he just takes the phone and runs around. Refusing to say a word on a call. And babbling away, as soon as the phone’s disconnected. Yeah, he’s warped that way. But today….. aaah… cant tell you how thrilled !!!!!!!

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What an Idea Sirji!

Have you seen the new Idea Cellular ad on TV? i just love it.

First was their “School” ad. Then the “walk while you talk” campaign.

And now this. Bowled me over completely. I love the idea.

Save trees. Use the phone everywhere instead of paper. Simple.

Can someone please send me a link to it!?

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