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Goosh sweetie.. you just gave Mommy the most awesome weekend. How did you know just what Mommy needed? First of all, your infectious grin. The happy, naughty grin always on your face!!! Fun times with you!!

Mommy n Juno went for another swim on Saturday. Chap, chap, chapaaak! You took to it like a fish to the water. Maybe putting up that Nemo sticker helped a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰

making friends with Nemo

Friends forever: Goosh and Nemo

We played so much.. just you and me.ย  You a lil more comfortable in the water this time. Exploring. Splashing. Grinning. Thrilled. Me, awed, happy, proud, missing Daddy. Both of us oblivious to the cold water and the mid day scorching sun. Lost in our own world. Enjoying the water.

In the pool again!

Treading water!

Your Anjali aunty was so scared, even though the water came just upto your shoulders, even though you had the nice floats on. She kept scolding Mommy for taking you into the water. And then some more because she thought the water was too cold. And then some more when you took in a mouthful. She was soo concerned for you that every time I held you out and let you play about, she’d drop the camera and come running. That’s why dear Goosh, all of your photos show me holding you real close. But dont worry, Mommy’s a smartie.. I let you wander about each time she turned away ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sunday was round 2. The water was a bit colder. The pool was full of people. All gaping at you. You were the star attraction. And you didnt let them down. Today, you went a step further. Actually a few. You walked around in the pool. Yes. You put your feet firmly on the floor and moved ahead. And Mommy, all awed, could barely keep up with you. So thrilled I was!! Dadu called you from one side of the pool, and Anjali aunty from the other, and you looked at both of them and grinned, and went straight ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

We put you into a tube as well, trying to get you to lie on it and float. But you wiggled your way out. None of this lazy stuff for me, I want to waddle around!! Oh, did you find the floats so tasty? You kept munching on them through out!!!

And to keep up ur Nanu’s tradition, a nize snooze after the swim:

All snuggled up

All snuggled up

Oh, btw, do you know Mommy’s clicked >250 photos of you this month!!! hahahaha…Here’s the latest.


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That’s how you greet me every morning. A huge smile, a twinkle in your eyes and ‘aayeea’ ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s your way of saying ‘Good Morning Mommy!! Muah! I love you!!” I know baccha, Mommy knows what you’re trying to say ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you have any idea how much I love you?!?!?!

Every single day, you make me so happy.
Each day, I’m pooped. I wonder if all this struggle is worth it. And then you smile at me. Or reach out and pat my face. And I melt. yes, its all worth it. Every bit of it. Just to see you smile. Just to see that adoring looking in your eyes.

Dear Son, I so love the sound of that word. My ‘son’. My sun.

Ya, ya, 15 yrs later you’ll look at this post and go ‘Yuck Mom! how Cheesy!’ Its ok bacha, as long as you know that I love you.

So many feelings go through me when I’m with you. All of them turn me to mush.ย  I look at your perfect smile. And the world’s all right. The recession, the elections, daddy’s absence, can all go to hell. As long as I’m with you. As long as you look up at me and smile that way…

I love just everything about you. Obvious ain’t it ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m your Mommy after all.

I love the way you fall asleep in my lap while feeding. The way you snuggle into my arms at night. And the way you rotate all around the bed in your sleep – and I follow you.ย  Yes, I end up sleeping at all odd angles, just so that you’re always snug in my arms. I love that feel, when u curl your fingers around mine.ย  Or dig your feet into my ribs. When you open your eyes in the middle of the night, check that I’m still there, smile, and go back to sleep.ย 

These days you’ve started expressing yourself. You make it known when you miss me. ๐Ÿ˜€ย  Once I walk in the door, back from work, your ears perk up. You drop whatever it is you were doing and look around as soon as you hear my voice. You’ll whine and wail until I pick you up. And heaven forbid, if I put you down while I freshen up or get a glass of water, you make your disapproval clear.

You love to talk these days. It’s mostly the vowels or some combination thereof. “aaa’. aayeaa, ayeeee, eeeee, ooooo and so once. You talk non-stop. I dont know where you’re getting so much energy from. You hardly sleep in the day now. Instead you’re jumping up and down. Wiggling about.ย  At the end of the day, I just shut off the lights and pray that you’ll go to sleep. But ofcourse, you think that’s just another game.

Drop Box

Its almost impossible to hold you in my hands. You wiggle and squiggle and manage a way out. You try to sit up and then pounce at your toys. You’re getting better at crawling. With just any lil bit of support behind you, you flex your knees, lift your bum way up into the air and lurch fwd. I’m surprised at the distance you cover that way. We’ve been trying to start you on some semi-solid stuff. Veg puree, daal etc. But you just refuse it so far. I tried papaya y’day. And God, the way you screwed up your face. Like it was the most foul tasting thing on earth. And a smart lil one you are. You’d be squealing and yapping away to glory. But as soon as I got the spoon near you, you’d shut your mouth tighter than oh, I dont know what. After an hour of trying, I just gave up. You won! But I hope and pray that next time I get lucky!

With each passing day, I also feel the passage of time and wonder. Not so long ago, you were this tiny thing. Barely the size of your father’s palm. And now, you’ve almost outgrown your pram. Well, almost.ย  The first few months, to feed you, I had to keep you on this huge pillow, you were so teeny-weeny. Now you’ve almost outgrown my lap. You lie there with your legs sprawled out, ready to jump up and run off to play. That’s what it seems like. Each time you take a break while feeding, you instantly turn away and try to wiggle off, as if daring me “Mommy, now I’m a strong boy, see if you can catch me ๐Ÿ˜‰ “. I love you son. I’m afraid that only too soon our time together will be up. Just a few months ago, feeding you was so painful and I wondered how I’ll manage.ย Now I dont want this stage to get over.

aaah. Time goes by so fast. Last year this timeย we were nervous and excited. We didnt know what to expect.ย  Just a year ago. And now you’re here. Filling up my everydays with your laughter, and my nights with your clock-wise dance routine ๐Ÿ™‚

Aaayeaaa. I love you son.

Your mushy gushy mom.

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according to Juno, is his foot ๐Ÿ™‚

From April09

And according to me, its his gorgeous smile

From April09

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