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Baby n Momma just baked our first cake together!!!

With a 101 degree fever. Eyes watering. And the week long cold n fever at its peak, the lil fellow declares at 9 pm that he wants cake.  And his Baba.

He even goes to the kitchen and manages to dig out a packet of cake mix. How the hell the “knew” – what it is, where it is – is beyond me. And the next half hour is “Mummy cake chahiye”, “Mummy cake cook cook”…

So I finally give in.

He plonks on the kitchen counter and does a running commentary as I get all the stuff together. Then come the instructions. “Mumma cook cook”, “Mumma, paaani dayooo” [pani dalo’ => put water], “micro micro”. The lil chef came alive.  His light face all lit up. Eyes eager, animated, excited. Even with a 101 temperature.  And then he instructed Mumma to put in some bandaan and chisim [that is ‘badam’ aka almonds and ‘kismis’ aka raisins – for those not well versed in Goosh-speak]. And ‘helped’ me chop them. And mix them in. And fluff up the cake.

And then we sat and watched it cook in the microwave. I never knew watching something cook could be so exciting. Sigh.

Epilogue: once the cake was cooked, the imp lost interest. He sampled just half a bite and declared “Accha nahi hai“. And then dug out only the bandaan to eat.


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to living out of a suitcase….

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