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Hmm, I wonder why they say that on your b’day?

But I’m glad they do.

Got that warm fuzzy feeling inside right now. That I’m cared for and loved and remembered. My birthday for me is just another day, but where I pause to give myself some space and me-time.  And believe it or not, last few years, I’ve always been travelling on my b’day. Celebrating it by myself, queitly, in some new place.  This year is different. In so many ways. I’m at home. MY home. OUR HOME. Goosh, HD and me. OUR little family together finally.  And I’m happy. Smiling away to myself. Feeling all happy happy inside.

And I’m grateful to have HD around now. Last 10 days or so, he’s been taking care of the Goosh almost single handedly while I’m at work. And even once I’m back home. I’m totally bowled over.  And a tad bit envious.  Its tiring, but he doesnt flinch a bit. He still has that lil extra energy to give Goosh ‘Helipocter rides’ at the end of the day.  This is what I’d like to gift  him:


Images courtesy: Houston Chronicles

How have I changed in the last one year – well, from a Mom-to-be, I’m now one Happy Momma.

And how have I grown as a person – well, this sums it up:


Images courtesy: Houston Chronicles

Since I walked in to office, collegues have been stopping by to wish me.  I open my mailbox and I see a dozen mails waiting. Friends, family, whoc couldnt be here in person, writing in.  The phone ringing away. SMS’s coming in.  And I feel all happy happy. I’m not a very outgoing person. And not very good at keeping in touch with people either. As they call to wish me, i feel like kicking myself. I dont remember theirs!!!  I’m terrible at remembering b’days. [note to self: resolution for this year – remember b’days. call ppl more often]

And with me, this blog also celebrates it’s b’day. I started writing a year ago.  And now, just cant stop 🙂 I’m addicted! Love the friends I’ve made here and wild horses couldnt drag me away!


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The five best things

MiM tagged me for this one quite some time ago. And I’ve been putting it off. Oh dear, I’m not too good at tags are I!

But today is a special day. Thrown all out of gear because Goosh and I are here in Bangalore. While HD has been trotting across India all day Indore->Bombay->Patna->Delhi. Yep all in one day. And he takes the early morning flight back to Indore tomorrow.

Of all the things, my one regret is that I just dont feel we’ve gotten enough time together.  Before shaadi, we met up on weekends. After shaadi, we still met up only on weekends. He worked night shifts while I worked day. He moved to day-shift, when we moved to Indore. But it was a min of 12 hrs a day, 6 days a week. So again he was hardly there. And now he’s in Indore, while I’m in Bangalore.  We both spend way much more time with office junta than with each other.

But still, there’s the bond that connects like no other. That makes me go all mushy and weak in the knees when I think of him. Even when I’m foaming at the mouth about something he did – or didnt do. I’m still as nutty about  him as the first day we met.

1.Hooked,booked and cooked: I used to be a tough one. The I-dont-want-to-get-married; I-dont-need-a-guy-in-my-life; i-can-do-everything-by-myself types. And the first time I met him, I was all prepared to cut him up like I had all the other ‘proposals’.  Instead, we ended up talking for a good 4 hours or so. Like we’d known each other a long long time. Within the year, we were married. Another year, and Goosh decided to join us.

2. Not a son-in-law: He’s not a son-in-law to my parents. He’s their eldest son. The first time he went over to Indore and stayed with my parents, Dad, not quite able to digest it, exclaimed in a rather surprised manner, “yeh to kunwar sahab jaisa behave hi nahi karte”.  Dad’s still  so amazed and kicked that HD is so free and comfortable with them. That he doesnt put on all the airs and pompousness son-in-laws are known to in that part of the world.

3. Belief: He believes in me. More than I do. More than my parents do. He believes I can do anything at all in the world, if I want to. And the best thing is that he’ll stand right by me through it all.

4. Goosh: He held Goosh even before I did. HD was there right through the first week in hospital, right through those first clueless nights.

5. He pampers me like a little girl. He makes me laugh. He holds my hand. He lets me fall asleep on his lap, every time we watch TV. He loves everything I cook and eats without fuss. He praises my aloo chawal no end.  [He also insists I get a one of those fancy phones with a qwerty keyboard so that I can blog full time! 😉

Happy Birthday HD!

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Dear Goosh,

I am sooo proud of you. So awestruck. You surprise me each day.  I love your attitude, your enthusiasm, and the contagious smile on your face. So much to learn from you, my son. That infectious grin, and those twinkling smiling eyes ….and those countless baby suits that are too small for you .. reminders to get my priorities right. Before I know it, you’ll be running around and going off to school.

Last week I was going crazy. Too many things to juggle. Too little time. And you set me right. I need to play with you.. before you grow up enough to not need me.

Wanna play ;)

Wanna play

Saturday was a day full of surprises.

Saturday morning. You woke up at an unearthly 7am. I wanted to sleep in late. But you were jumping all over me raring to go. A few disarming smiles and not so gentle prods later, I budged. I needed some good strong tea. Dada, Dadi had gone for their walk. So I put you in your walker. Hoping to keep you out of trouble while I made tea. But as soon as I reached the kitchen, you gave a gleeful war cry and trudged up right behind me. I kept staring. And staring some more. When did you grow up enough to walk in your walker?? Last I remembered your feet barely reached the floor when I put you in it. And here you are gleefully following me around the house. Yep, I walked all over the house to see if you’d follow. And you did. With countless stop overs in between. To pull and munch the table cloth. To open the shoe rack. To tug at the dining chairs. But follow me around you did. And I shouting with as much glee as you!

I realised that though I spend so many hours a day with you, we hardly have any play time. I’m always doing this or that or something else. Your feeds, your massage, your bath, more feeds. Always trying to juggle you with something else. And I just miss out on playing with you. Hardly realised how you’ve grown the past few weeks. When did you grow tall enough to reach the floor with your feet? When did you start walking about?

I am sooo envious of all the people who get to play with you. You cant imagine how much.

Late morning I took you to check out a few creches in the neighbourhood. At one, a caretaker reached out to you. And without batting an eyelid, you went to her. And played with her. And didnt even look at me. She took you to this room full of toys and you were enthralled. A good five minutes later, I reached out to you, and you still didnt even look at me. It broke my heart. You were too busy playing. I had to pry you away from her.

Do you also feel that way when I go about doing the housework instead of  with you?

Afternoon was crawl time. Last I remembered you were into belly crawl.  And then came the wobbly bum-up-in-the-air-pushup kinda crawl. So i spread out the carpet. And kept your favourite toy in front of you – the phone. And you surprised me again – you promptly crawled over to it with a huge grin and looked at me with a “whaddya think mommy!?! “.  I kept moving it further, you kept catching up. Like we were playing tag. We did 2 full rounds of the entire carpet. Woah!!! Shocked. And so proud of you!

Evening we went to the park. Holidays are over. The kids are back. The park was full. But I think you sensed that and didnt like it. You werent your usual self. You held back. Cautious. You didnt even like your usual swing.

Back home, now that you’re a big boy, you insisted on having dinner. From mommy’s plate. So I gave you a small piece of roti. And you munched it away happily. And asked for more. And more. And more. For every bite I had, I had to give you a teeny weeny one. Else you showed your disapproval with a loud growl and a lunge towards my plate. 🙂 This has now become and everyday ritual. You and me. Having dinner together each nite.


I started writing this post last saturday, 6th June, when Juno completed 7 months. Just never got around to finishing it. Am too busy playing with Goosh 😉 hahaha.. I knew you wont believe me. There’s too much to write. And not enough time to….

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The Goosh is 6 months old today!!! I cant believe it!!! I remember the first time I held him in my arms. I was wearing the same gown in the hospi – that I’m wearing as I type this.. hehehe…  and he’s already a 6 month old brat. The naughtiest kid ever!!!

As soon as he woke up, he knew today was special. Instead of his normal aaa, and aayaa, he greeted me with  shouts of glee. Bright eyed and all jumpy first thing in the morning. Trying to run off the bed, climb over me, dig his way under the pillows, all at once. If that were possible.  As if someone had him red-bull while he was asleep. And it wasnt me.  Made it too darn difficult for me to hold on to him while I answered all the b’day calls from Daddy, Nana and Nani.

We stepped out of the room and at first he didnt notice the decorations. Then I took him over to each and held out his hand and let him touch it. All the shiny banners and streamers. And he kept looking at me – is Mommy all right..she’s letting me touch and pull stuff !!! 

We went over to a bunch of huge balloons. I held out his hand again. The balloons bounced up and down. He looked back at me in wonder. Then waved his hand about some more. The balloons bounced about more. And a thrilled baby chuckled in glee.

Then I kept him on the floor. Dadu brought him more balloons to play with. And the Goosh attacked them. All thrilled. Bumping into them. Scattering them. Scraping them.. and Boooom.. bursting them. When the first balloon burst, he looked up at me in shock. Big eyes open wide, ready to burst into tears. But we burst out laughing. And he took the cue. And smiled too. And went right back to wrestling with the balloons. 5 minutes and as many close calls to tears later, most of the balloons had vanished and we thought there had been enough carnage for the day.

Next were the toys. Rattles and drums and teethers. All daintily wrapped in shiny paper. Specially tied with ribbon so that the Goosh can open them himself.  All that practise he’s done opening his nappies shouldnt go in vain. With a lil help from everyone, the floor was soon strewn with wrapping paper and the toys. Dont know which he enjoyed more – the shiny, crinkly paper or the new toys 🙂

From May09

And now that he’s mastered the keyboard, time to move on – to Percussion!!!  ShivaMani, watch out, you’re next on Juno’s hitlist!

From May09

Then it was time for the usual, massage, bath, Mommy’s office etc etc. Dadu kept up the festivities while Mommy was away at office. “Happy Birthday to you” played in the background the whole day.  And the Goosh decided to skip his usual mid morning and afternoon naps and stayed awake the entire day!  I think he knew we were pampering him more than usual and decided to make the most of it.

I got some cake in the evening. And the Goosh got full rein to indulge in it.  He loved playing with it. But for some strange reason, did not try putting it in his mouth. And when I tried to get him to taste it – phooey. He clammed up and refused to. First kid I’m seeing who refuses cake!

From May09

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