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Daddy ka chamcha

HD has been back in Bangalore all of 15 days. And Goosh has turned into a complete and total Daddy ka chamcha.  It’s Daddy he wants as soon as he wakes up. It’s Daddy he wants to play with all day. It’s Daddy who now puts him to bed each night – with out tears and tantrums – a feat that Mommy still finds impossible to do. And all this makes for one Happy – and a wee bit jealous (ok, a very very jealous) Mommy.

He’s got so attached to Daddy, that he came down with a fever this weekend – ‘coz Daddy had hopped off to Bombay for some work. And mommy was at her wits end with a cranky clingy baby!

The fever mysteriously vanished once HD got back. To be replaced by a runny nose and the coughinng.

Daddy dearest is playing ‘mommy’ to the hilt. Massages and fun baths. Long walks and crazy talks. Music. Dancing. ‘Helipocter’ rides.

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[Started on 6th July]

Dear Goosh,

Today you are 8 months old, my dear adorable lil brat. And to celebrate, you’re up early, wide eyed and ready to go. Where, I dont know. And you give me that lovely huge grin of yours that completely melts my heart. Except that it’s toothless no more. There’s a spec of white there. On your upper right jaw.  The little bump has been irritating you no end the last few days. But today, of all days, your first tooth decides to pop out. And you are up and jumping to celebrate. We roll around. We jump.We play. We laugh.

You manage to find all odds and ends and sneak them into your mouth. No matter how watchful I am. Today I found you munching away at some paper. I stick my hand in to pull it out – only to be bit into by yet another new tooth. There’s a sharp small piece making its way up from the lower gum too. With all the fuss over the upper teeth, somehow we never noticed this lower one working its way up.

My my, 2 at a go!!

I feel a bit sad … no more gorgeous toothless grins…my little baby is no longer so little.

We put on some music and we sway. Only you are more interested in the CD player than the music itself. You love the way it lights up, in that neon blue light. You love to watch the spinning CDs. And obviously, you love to play with all the buttons on it.

We sit down for our daily breakfast ritual. You MUST ‘eat’ whenever I do. You make a dash for my spoon, your bowl, the table and everything else. You twist and turn and climb on the chair. You spew out whatever I feed you. You think its a fun game. You prefer eating the back of the chair. And my hair. And in between all that, I manage to eat my breakfast.

You’ve invented another new game of late. You stick your hand into my mouth and wiggle it around. That makes you happy. And you smile. Then you move your fingers over my teeth feeling the sharp edges and giggle with glee. I cant quite figure out this game, but it makes you happy. And we play.  V convenient game for me to start when you get cranky.

I find you pawing away at the carpet with intense concentration, I cant see what it is. Until I come real close. You have a knack of finding every small piece of scrap or every particle on the floor. On a colorful carpet with a heavy pattern, how you manage to spot every speck of fallen food, every bit of thread..amazes me.

After our last trip you’ve suddenly become an independent big boy. You sit up and play with your toys. On your own. Without toppling over. Ever. When did you learn to do all that?!?! I still remember the time when you first moved your hands about, when you first tried to hold a toy… And the worst part of this is – that you dont need me *all* the time anymore. Nay, you dont *want* me all the time anymore. You like to play with your toys, by yourself. No interuptions from Mommy. Mommy cant join in. I have to just sit there and watch over you. Sad. Weepy. At not being a part.  My role is limited. Make sure you dont wander over to the electrical socket. Make sure you dont try to stand up with something that can topple over. Make sure you dont land with a thud on your bum. Make sure you dont put anything too dangerous into your mouth. Make sure that in all your little boy play, you dont get hurt.

You seem to have my outdoor gene. You love going out. You’ve already figured out how the door is opened. Go anywhere near the door and you make a dive for the handle. If you see anyone going out, you start wailing to go too. You also realise that Dadu takes you out in the evenings, so anytime you see him, you beg to be picked up. And when you want to be picked up, you stick out your arms, hold up your head, and kick away furiously. As if to kick fast enough to fly away. You crumple up your face in an eager-to-please smile. You know how to get your way with us.

Thankfully, your social skills are like your Dad and not me. Anywhere we go, strangers stop to smile at you. And to talk to you. And you reward them all with a most gorgeous smile. They leave with a smile in their hearts, a skip in their walk, just a wee bit happier. And me… so proud of you. You even happily jump over to whoever stretches out their arms to you.

<to be continued>

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That thing you do

Dear Goosh,

Where do I start…
There are so many small everyday things that you do that make me go all weak in the knees and teary eyed. How you manage it, heaven only knows. Maybe you’re an angel sent to make me happy. To make me smile, make me laugh, to love me.
Like I’ve said countless times before, each passing day makes me love you a lil more, makes me proud of you a lil more, makes me happy a lil more.

Somethings about you that just make me wonder and go all mushy gushy

– the way you wrinkle up your nose and look me right in the eye

– the way you crack up with that gurgling laughter
– the way you grin, bring your face close up to me, nose to nose, and then with a war cry open your mouth and try to swallow my nose.

– dance in your sleep. And get up and crawl. All over the bed. All over me.

– Time your day time naps to EXACTLY thirty minutes!!! You’ve got an unbelievably accurate internal clock.

– laugh with your whole heart when I hold you up and blow on your tummy

– be all chirpy and bouncy and in full gear within a minute of waking up

– the way you try to crawl over me. And the way you try to climb over me

– you hold on to my Tshirt with the lightest grip – and pull yourself up to standing

– the way you jump up and crawl over the pillows towards me as soon as you see me approaching

– the way you look at me and smile when I open the door and walk in. And then how you wail when I go in to wash up.

– the way you sit on my lap and insist on being fed every meal time. From my plate only. Not yours.

– how ecstatic you are upon entering the bathroom!! yeah, i can never understand that. but it never fails to make you happy!

…and here I pause to dab at my moist eyes..i turn around and look at you sleeping soundly beside me.. and go all mushy gushy..

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Dear Goosh,

I am sooo proud of you. So awestruck. You surprise me each day.  I love your attitude, your enthusiasm, and the contagious smile on your face. So much to learn from you, my son. That infectious grin, and those twinkling smiling eyes ….and those countless baby suits that are too small for you .. reminders to get my priorities right. Before I know it, you’ll be running around and going off to school.

Last week I was going crazy. Too many things to juggle. Too little time. And you set me right. I need to play with you.. before you grow up enough to not need me.

Wanna play ;)

Wanna play

Saturday was a day full of surprises.

Saturday morning. You woke up at an unearthly 7am. I wanted to sleep in late. But you were jumping all over me raring to go. A few disarming smiles and not so gentle prods later, I budged. I needed some good strong tea. Dada, Dadi had gone for their walk. So I put you in your walker. Hoping to keep you out of trouble while I made tea. But as soon as I reached the kitchen, you gave a gleeful war cry and trudged up right behind me. I kept staring. And staring some more. When did you grow up enough to walk in your walker?? Last I remembered your feet barely reached the floor when I put you in it. And here you are gleefully following me around the house. Yep, I walked all over the house to see if you’d follow. And you did. With countless stop overs in between. To pull and munch the table cloth. To open the shoe rack. To tug at the dining chairs. But follow me around you did. And I shouting with as much glee as you!

I realised that though I spend so many hours a day with you, we hardly have any play time. I’m always doing this or that or something else. Your feeds, your massage, your bath, more feeds. Always trying to juggle you with something else. And I just miss out on playing with you. Hardly realised how you’ve grown the past few weeks. When did you grow tall enough to reach the floor with your feet? When did you start walking about?

I am sooo envious of all the people who get to play with you. You cant imagine how much.

Late morning I took you to check out a few creches in the neighbourhood. At one, a caretaker reached out to you. And without batting an eyelid, you went to her. And played with her. And didnt even look at me. She took you to this room full of toys and you were enthralled. A good five minutes later, I reached out to you, and you still didnt even look at me. It broke my heart. You were too busy playing. I had to pry you away from her.

Do you also feel that way when I go about doing the housework instead of  with you?

Afternoon was crawl time. Last I remembered you were into belly crawl.  And then came the wobbly bum-up-in-the-air-pushup kinda crawl. So i spread out the carpet. And kept your favourite toy in front of you – the phone. And you surprised me again – you promptly crawled over to it with a huge grin and looked at me with a “whaddya think mommy!?! “.  I kept moving it further, you kept catching up. Like we were playing tag. We did 2 full rounds of the entire carpet. Woah!!! Shocked. And so proud of you!

Evening we went to the park. Holidays are over. The kids are back. The park was full. But I think you sensed that and didnt like it. You werent your usual self. You held back. Cautious. You didnt even like your usual swing.

Back home, now that you’re a big boy, you insisted on having dinner. From mommy’s plate. So I gave you a small piece of roti. And you munched it away happily. And asked for more. And more. And more. For every bite I had, I had to give you a teeny weeny one. Else you showed your disapproval with a loud growl and a lunge towards my plate. 🙂 This has now become and everyday ritual. You and me. Having dinner together each nite.


I started writing this post last saturday, 6th June, when Juno completed 7 months. Just never got around to finishing it. Am too busy playing with Goosh 😉 hahaha.. I knew you wont believe me. There’s too much to write. And not enough time to….

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Goosh sweetie.. you just gave Mommy the most awesome weekend. How did you know just what Mommy needed? First of all, your infectious grin. The happy, naughty grin always on your face!!! Fun times with you!!

Mommy n Juno went for another swim on Saturday. Chap, chap, chapaaak! You took to it like a fish to the water. Maybe putting up that Nemo sticker helped a bit 😉

making friends with Nemo

Friends forever: Goosh and Nemo

We played so much.. just you and me.  You a lil more comfortable in the water this time. Exploring. Splashing. Grinning. Thrilled. Me, awed, happy, proud, missing Daddy. Both of us oblivious to the cold water and the mid day scorching sun. Lost in our own world. Enjoying the water.

In the pool again!

Treading water!

Your Anjali aunty was so scared, even though the water came just upto your shoulders, even though you had the nice floats on. She kept scolding Mommy for taking you into the water. And then some more because she thought the water was too cold. And then some more when you took in a mouthful. She was soo concerned for you that every time I held you out and let you play about, she’d drop the camera and come running. That’s why dear Goosh, all of your photos show me holding you real close. But dont worry, Mommy’s a smartie.. I let you wander about each time she turned away 😉

Sunday was round 2. The water was a bit colder. The pool was full of people. All gaping at you. You were the star attraction. And you didnt let them down. Today, you went a step further. Actually a few. You walked around in the pool. Yes. You put your feet firmly on the floor and moved ahead. And Mommy, all awed, could barely keep up with you. So thrilled I was!! Dadu called you from one side of the pool, and Anjali aunty from the other, and you looked at both of them and grinned, and went straight ahead 🙂

We put you into a tube as well, trying to get you to lie on it and float. But you wiggled your way out. None of this lazy stuff for me, I want to waddle around!! Oh, did you find the floats so tasty? You kept munching on them through out!!!

And to keep up ur Nanu’s tradition, a nize snooze after the swim:

All snuggled up

All snuggled up

Oh, btw, do you know Mommy’s clicked >250 photos of you this month!!! hahahaha…Here’s the latest.

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That’s how you greet me every morning. A huge smile, a twinkle in your eyes and ‘aayeea’ 🙂 That’s your way of saying ‘Good Morning Mommy!! Muah! I love you!!” I know baccha, Mommy knows what you’re trying to say 🙂

Do you have any idea how much I love you?!?!?!

Every single day, you make me so happy.
Each day, I’m pooped. I wonder if all this struggle is worth it. And then you smile at me. Or reach out and pat my face. And I melt. yes, its all worth it. Every bit of it. Just to see you smile. Just to see that adoring looking in your eyes.

Dear Son, I so love the sound of that word. My ‘son’. My sun.

Ya, ya, 15 yrs later you’ll look at this post and go ‘Yuck Mom! how Cheesy!’ Its ok bacha, as long as you know that I love you.

So many feelings go through me when I’m with you. All of them turn me to mush.  I look at your perfect smile. And the world’s all right. The recession, the elections, daddy’s absence, can all go to hell. As long as I’m with you. As long as you look up at me and smile that way…

I love just everything about you. Obvious ain’t it 🙂 I’m your Mommy after all.

I love the way you fall asleep in my lap while feeding. The way you snuggle into my arms at night. And the way you rotate all around the bed in your sleep – and I follow you.  Yes, I end up sleeping at all odd angles, just so that you’re always snug in my arms. I love that feel, when u curl your fingers around mine.  Or dig your feet into my ribs. When you open your eyes in the middle of the night, check that I’m still there, smile, and go back to sleep. 

These days you’ve started expressing yourself. You make it known when you miss me. 😀  Once I walk in the door, back from work, your ears perk up. You drop whatever it is you were doing and look around as soon as you hear my voice. You’ll whine and wail until I pick you up. And heaven forbid, if I put you down while I freshen up or get a glass of water, you make your disapproval clear.

You love to talk these days. It’s mostly the vowels or some combination thereof. “aaa’. aayeaa, ayeeee, eeeee, ooooo and so once. You talk non-stop. I dont know where you’re getting so much energy from. You hardly sleep in the day now. Instead you’re jumping up and down. Wiggling about.  At the end of the day, I just shut off the lights and pray that you’ll go to sleep. But ofcourse, you think that’s just another game.

Drop Box

Its almost impossible to hold you in my hands. You wiggle and squiggle and manage a way out. You try to sit up and then pounce at your toys. You’re getting better at crawling. With just any lil bit of support behind you, you flex your knees, lift your bum way up into the air and lurch fwd. I’m surprised at the distance you cover that way. We’ve been trying to start you on some semi-solid stuff. Veg puree, daal etc. But you just refuse it so far. I tried papaya y’day. And God, the way you screwed up your face. Like it was the most foul tasting thing on earth. And a smart lil one you are. You’d be squealing and yapping away to glory. But as soon as I got the spoon near you, you’d shut your mouth tighter than oh, I dont know what. After an hour of trying, I just gave up. You won! But I hope and pray that next time I get lucky!

With each passing day, I also feel the passage of time and wonder. Not so long ago, you were this tiny thing. Barely the size of your father’s palm. And now, you’ve almost outgrown your pram. Well, almost.  The first few months, to feed you, I had to keep you on this huge pillow, you were so teeny-weeny. Now you’ve almost outgrown my lap. You lie there with your legs sprawled out, ready to jump up and run off to play. That’s what it seems like. Each time you take a break while feeding, you instantly turn away and try to wiggle off, as if daring me “Mommy, now I’m a strong boy, see if you can catch me 😉 “. I love you son. I’m afraid that only too soon our time together will be up. Just a few months ago, feeding you was so painful and I wondered how I’ll manage. Now I dont want this stage to get over.

aaah. Time goes by so fast. Last year this time we were nervous and excited. We didnt know what to expect.  Just a year ago. And now you’re here. Filling up my everydays with your laughter, and my nights with your clock-wise dance routine 🙂

Aaayeaaa. I love you son.

Your mushy gushy mom.

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I am so in love…

Dear Juno,
I am soooo in love with you…
and sooooo proud of you.

Everytime I see that toothless wide grin my heart skips a beat. You make me so happy.
The last few days with you have been wonderful. I know I say that every week – and every week it is so true. You turned 3 months old a few days ago. And with that a new phase begun.
You’ve become so lively and playful. You’re a joy to be around. One happy little baby you are. May you always be that way.

You had a pretty hectic social life this weekend. And you did me proud.

Saturday evening we took you to little Asmi’s birthday party. And let me tell you – you were the most wonderful baby around even if say so myself. Not only did you look oh-so-cute, you were also on your best behaviour. You cooed and played with mommy n daddy the whole time.

Sunday was your Mamoo’s birthday and we decided to celebrate. We took you to Little Italy for brunch. We had the entire resturaunt to ourselves. And the entire staff had their eyes on you. You sat and played merrily in your basket. A few times you did get fidgety, but when I picked you up and walked around, you loved it. You looked around the place so intently, exploring, absorbing each little bit about the place. You took an exceptional fancy to the bright orange wall with pics of all kinds of pasta. Will you like pasta / Italian food when you grow up? Daddy and I thought you were hungry. Daddy went back all the way to the parking to get your bottle. And I was so scared that you’d start wailing while we waited for Daddy. But you’re such a smart and well behaved baby. You didnt. You walked about with me patiently till Daddy got back. Then you played away with your rattles. You let Mommy and Daddy enjoy their meal.

Then we went to Daddy’s office. You met so many uncles and aunties. And you made them all so happy. Everyone was dying to play with you. Each one gingerly took you in their arms, each telling the other to support your nbeck, your back, to be careful – and you gave them each one of your heart warming wide grins. They talked and made faces at you. You cooed right back at them. Like you’d known them forever. Like they were your old friends. You made so many people so happy. You’d pooped in your diapers by now but you didnt cry. And hungry, you settled for a feed in the car without any fuss.

Dinner time Nana Nani wanted to celebrate. So we went to Nana’s club. Again, you surprised us all. I was worried, you’d had such a long day out. Would you be up to it? Would you start crying? But you were wonderful. Nana Nani hadnt gotten to play with you all day and they were thrilled with your cooing and gurgling.

My, you made so many people so happy. May you always be this way.

Love you always,

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