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Banking and the Economic History of the world

83 women. Spanning the complete spectrum – from a 20 yr old to a 60 yr old. Fresh grads, homemakers, business executives. From north, south, east, west.  An ‘elderly’ prof, complete with grey hair and spectacles.  A 3 hr class titled “Managing Bankers”.

What do you expect?

By the end of the class every single woman in that room wanted to drop all other grand business plans and become an Economist.

Unbelievable na!

He walked us through the Economic History of India, and the world. The liberalization story that began in 1991.  The cascade effect it had. He weaved a tale about Bankers, the Fisher Effect and Interest rates.  Monetary policy, Fiscal policy, how the RBI works (or atleast the theory behind it 😉 CRR. SRR. How will the CRR increase announced 4 days ago will affect bank rates. How bank rates are decided. Tips to negotiate with a banker.

Things which most women shy away from.

We listened to him in rapt attention. From the word go. He captured the audience completely. If SRK had walked into the room at then, the women would’ve all ignored him!  PCN turned out to be a multi-faceted professor. The perfect showman. Absolutely hilarious. Better than any Indian stand-up comedian I’ve seen so far.  A good mimic. Perfect comic timing. He had us in splits discussing the sub-prime mortgage failure and the crash of Lehman brothers.

Such is the power of communication. Hats off to PCN.


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at IIMB..

my neighbour is 24 yrs old (yes A, its you 🙂  That’s reason enough for me to envy her.

But then she tells me, I look ~28. And that’s only coz I’ve already told her I have a kid. Else she’d rate me younger. And oh, that my skin’s awesome.  I’m on cloud 9. Obviously!

As the story unravels,  she tells us she’s a part time prof in a college.

She also helps manage her father’s factory. An engineering manufacturing unit.

She also writes lyrics for songs. Many of which have been performed by bands. And are available online. Even for some int’l band.

She’s written 2 books. One of which will be published soon.

And she was a model. For Levi’s. For one of their International ad campaigns.

I’m sure you understand how i feel right now.

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Day 1: Catharsis

Session 1 by Prof Vasanthi.

I dont think any of the women in that room will ever forget it.

She walked in in a green silk saree. Glasses. And the first thought was OMG, what’s this lady gonna teach us.

For the next 3 hours, she has us spell bound.

She didnt teach. She just asked. Some basic questions.  She shared experiences. She told us stories.

Every single woman in that room listened. As if she were talking just to her.

Every single woman, wanted to speak up and share a point, on every single thing.

And Every woman in that room, was nodding away in agreement, when anyone else spoke.

I really cant convey how charged the environment was.

Each one of us there, went through an indescribable churning. Completely shaken. Completely stirred. Look around the room, and it was like everyone was in a trance. Like we were going thru some deep deep catharsis.

It wasnt one of her regular lectures. But one specially for the MPWE. The introductory note setting the pace for the rest of it. And one that we’ll never forget.


One thing Prof Vasanthi mentioned, that for earlier batches, the most difficult to digest part of the course was to find out that they are not ‘indespensible’. Women make hajar arrangments before coming for the course. And think it over a million times. Thinking, OMG, how will the family, the office, manage without me. They come here for 6 weeks, and go back to a shocking realization – that husband and kids and office team managed just fine without them. That they actually HAD FUN!


And I see that first hand. Goosh’s having a Gala time with his Nana and Nani. Esp so with Nana. They’re like old pals from eons ago. Made for each other.  They tell me he’s been wandering around the house looking for me, asking “mamma, mumma??”. And they tell him “Mumma has gone to office”. He nods and walks off understandingly. And anytime anyone asks, he just says “mumma, ophheesh”. 🙂

But he hasnt spoken to me on the phone yet. He prefers playing with it. But he does realise when I call. He took the phone and kissed it. He waved By-Bye to the phone when it was time to hang up.

Damn. I was worried about him – but I’m having  a harder time letting go.


New uses for laptop:

– Use the screen – As a night lamp.

– Put it in a steel bartan basket. Into a cart. On the tennis court. To play music. For 20 women to do Aerobics.

Am sure Sony, Dell or anyone else never thought of these.

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