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[Started on 6th July]

Dear Goosh,

Today you are 8 months old, my dear adorable lil brat. And to celebrate, you’re up early, wide eyed and ready to go. Where, I dont know. And you give me that lovely huge grin of yours that completely melts my heart. Except that it’s toothless no more. There’s a spec of white there. On your upper right jaw.  The little bump has been irritating you no end the last few days. But today, of all days, your first tooth decides to pop out. And you are up and jumping to celebrate. We roll around. We jump.We play. We laugh.

You manage to find all odds and ends and sneak them into your mouth. No matter how watchful I am. Today I found you munching away at some paper. I stick my hand in to pull it out – only to be bit into by yet another new tooth. There’s a sharp small piece making its way up from the lower gum too. With all the fuss over the upper teeth, somehow we never noticed this lower one working its way up.

My my, 2 at a go!!

I feel a bit sad … no more gorgeous toothless grins…my little baby is no longer so little.

We put on some music and we sway. Only you are more interested in the CD player than the music itself. You love the way it lights up, in that neon blue light. You love to watch the spinning CDs. And obviously, you love to play with all the buttons on it.

We sit down for our daily breakfast ritual. You MUST ‘eat’ whenever I do. You make a dash for my spoon, your bowl, the table and everything else. You twist and turn and climb on the chair. You spew out whatever I feed you. You think its a fun game. You prefer eating the back of the chair. And my hair. And in between all that, I manage to eat my breakfast.

You’ve invented another new game of late. You stick your hand into my mouth and wiggle it around. That makes you happy. And you smile. Then you move your fingers over my teeth feeling the sharp edges and giggle with glee. I cant quite figure out this game, but it makes you happy. And we play.  V convenient game for me to start when you get cranky.

I find you pawing away at the carpet with intense concentration, I cant see what it is. Until I come real close. You have a knack of finding every small piece of scrap or every particle on the floor. On a colorful carpet with a heavy pattern, how you manage to spot every speck of fallen food, every bit of thread..amazes me.

After our last trip you’ve suddenly become an independent big boy. You sit up and play with your toys. On your own. Without toppling over. Ever. When did you learn to do all that?!?! I still remember the time when you first moved your hands about, when you first tried to hold a toy… And the worst part of this is – that you dont need me *all* the time anymore. Nay, you dont *want* me all the time anymore. You like to play with your toys, by yourself. No interuptions from Mommy. Mommy cant join in. I have to just sit there and watch over you. Sad. Weepy. At not being a part.  My role is limited. Make sure you dont wander over to the electrical socket. Make sure you dont try to stand up with something that can topple over. Make sure you dont land with a thud on your bum. Make sure you dont put anything too dangerous into your mouth. Make sure that in all your little boy play, you dont get hurt.

You seem to have my outdoor gene. You love going out. You’ve already figured out how the door is opened. Go anywhere near the door and you make a dive for the handle. If you see anyone going out, you start wailing to go too. You also realise that Dadu takes you out in the evenings, so anytime you see him, you beg to be picked up. And when you want to be picked up, you stick out your arms, hold up your head, and kick away furiously. As if to kick fast enough to fly away. You crumple up your face in an eager-to-please smile. You know how to get your way with us.

Thankfully, your social skills are like your Dad and not me. Anywhere we go, strangers stop to smile at you. And to talk to you. And you reward them all with a most gorgeous smile. They leave with a smile in their hearts, a skip in their walk, just a wee bit happier. And me… so proud of you. You even happily jump over to whoever stretches out their arms to you.

<to be continued>


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Every evening as we walk past the pool, Juno tries to jump in. Yesterday afternoon, he actually did. Thankfully with Mommy holding on to him.

And into the pool I go

And into the pool I go

First 2 minutes, an intense look of disbelief on his face – is Mommy really letting me do this!?!?!

And then splash, splash splash.. away he was. I could barely hold on. He wanted to run free and swim away.  Every once in a while he’d turn back to look at me “MOMmmmeeee, I’m in the pooooool!!!!” and chuckle with delight.

Being Sunday afternoon, the pool was full. Lots of kids and their parents. The Goosh was by and far the youngest. And everyone took time out to dote on him. Some of the older kids stopped by and played ball with him. And the Sport played right along. Holding their ball, throwing it to them, grinning, talking back. Cant tell you how proud I am of you Juno!!! Way to go son!  You do me proud, what with challenging Rahman, climbing Mt Everest, and now swimming at 6 months!! Wooohoooo!!!! I’m on cloud 9 baby!

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The Goosh is 6 months old today!!! I cant believe it!!! I remember the first time I held him in my arms. I was wearing the same gown in the hospi – that I’m wearing as I type this.. hehehe…  and he’s already a 6 month old brat. The naughtiest kid ever!!!

As soon as he woke up, he knew today was special. Instead of his normal aaa, and aayaa, he greeted me with  shouts of glee. Bright eyed and all jumpy first thing in the morning. Trying to run off the bed, climb over me, dig his way under the pillows, all at once. If that were possible.  As if someone had him red-bull while he was asleep. And it wasnt me.  Made it too darn difficult for me to hold on to him while I answered all the b’day calls from Daddy, Nana and Nani.

We stepped out of the room and at first he didnt notice the decorations. Then I took him over to each and held out his hand and let him touch it. All the shiny banners and streamers. And he kept looking at me – is Mommy all right..she’s letting me touch and pull stuff !!! 

We went over to a bunch of huge balloons. I held out his hand again. The balloons bounced up and down. He looked back at me in wonder. Then waved his hand about some more. The balloons bounced about more. And a thrilled baby chuckled in glee.

Then I kept him on the floor. Dadu brought him more balloons to play with. And the Goosh attacked them. All thrilled. Bumping into them. Scattering them. Scraping them.. and Boooom.. bursting them. When the first balloon burst, he looked up at me in shock. Big eyes open wide, ready to burst into tears. But we burst out laughing. And he took the cue. And smiled too. And went right back to wrestling with the balloons. 5 minutes and as many close calls to tears later, most of the balloons had vanished and we thought there had been enough carnage for the day.

Next were the toys. Rattles and drums and teethers. All daintily wrapped in shiny paper. Specially tied with ribbon so that the Goosh can open them himself.  All that practise he’s done opening his nappies shouldnt go in vain. With a lil help from everyone, the floor was soon strewn with wrapping paper and the toys. Dont know which he enjoyed more – the shiny, crinkly paper or the new toys 🙂

From May09

And now that he’s mastered the keyboard, time to move on – to Percussion!!!  ShivaMani, watch out, you’re next on Juno’s hitlist!

From May09

Then it was time for the usual, massage, bath, Mommy’s office etc etc. Dadu kept up the festivities while Mommy was away at office. “Happy Birthday to you” played in the background the whole day.  And the Goosh decided to skip his usual mid morning and afternoon naps and stayed awake the entire day!  I think he knew we were pampering him more than usual and decided to make the most of it.

I got some cake in the evening. And the Goosh got full rein to indulge in it.  He loved playing with it. But for some strange reason, did not try putting it in his mouth. And when I tried to get him to taste it – phooey. He clammed up and refused to. First kid I’m seeing who refuses cake!

From May09

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Ok, one more mushy gushy post. My baby just took his first steps. Sideways.
Yahoooo!!! Yipeeeee!!!!!!!!

He can barely sit up. And manages a wobbly happy standing on his feet. So we went ahead and put him in the pram walker to see how he’d react. And oh-my-gosh.. he just loves it! He stands comfortable and proud in it. He understands that this is somehow a big boy thing. And goes wham, wham wham at the toys infront. Eyes popping out, brows knit together in intense concentration – even Vishwanathan would be put to shame by this kid’s focus. Completely enchanted, completely enamoured…

From May09

ANd I stand back and sigh. My little baby is growing up. His first steps in this world. Aaawwwwwww.

From May09

The rabbit eater….

And some more firsts today – he drank water from a glass. 🙂 Ok, he spilt more than he took in, but hey, no one’s perfect on day one.

And he had his first apple 🙂 Mommy was eating an apple.. and he kept looking at me so longingly, so wistfullly, that I just had to give him a piece. For the next 15 min, he held on to it like dear life. Trying to chew it, to munch it and wondering why nothing happened…

From May09

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