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Today was my first Mother’s day, as a mother.  And no one wished me all day.

By evening, Mommy was feeling sad sad. So Juno, the little fellow, decided to treat Mommy. He took me out for coffee 🙂

Ok, so I took him out for coffee 🙂

By 5 pm I was quite tired and restless. So I dressed him up all nice. And I got dressed up too. And he figured Mommy’s upto something. Started looking at me all funny. With raised eye brows and all. And off we went. I put him his basket, buckled up the seat belt. And drove real slow over to CCD. About 300 m from home.  Parking was a hassle. Got a place some distance away. And I was quite a sight juggling a baby, a baby bag and a basket into CCD. 

The waiter gave me few funny looks, but let me settle slowly onto a sofa. Juno and I got comfy. The little fellow kept looking around – yeh kahan aa gaye. And the waiters kept ignoring me. I guess they kept thinking that I’m waiting for someone. After abt 10 minutes, I called one over to take my order. He got the tea, smiled at Juno, missed a step and spilt the milk all over the table. Thankfully he missed Juno.  Juno watched in amusement as the waiters then rushed arnd to clean up the mess.  He thought they were putting up a special show for him 🙂  I’ll spare you the details of CCD. I dont think too much of their service or their food, and this time was no exception. But I love them coz they have a cute lil place, so close, so handy – and I could go there alone with Juno.  Stone walkway, green grass, flowers lining it from all sides. A cozy, comfy, and empty, seating area inside. I’ve never been much of a CCD fan, but now I’m a convert. Heck, after hurricane-hit-home, even CCD feels real good. I got to relax over a cuppa tea. Juno was on unusually good behaviour. He kept looking arnd with full curiosity, and managed to sit up inhis basket and almost pull himself out. But over all, he was well behaved. He didnt shout or scream or scry the whole while we were there. He looked about in complete awe. Pawed the cake gingerly but refused to taste it. Was sooo fascinated by Mommy’s large tea cup, but kept a safe distance. I guess he was just taking the new place in.  And Mommy was so thrilled to be able to relax for a while.

From May09

Then we headed home. It was all cloudy and there was a lovely light breeze. The sky all lit up in a golden rage. Mommy and Juno walked around the campus smiling and cooing to each other. Juno made some new friends. Almost jumped into the pool with one. And overall had a good time.

Then we got home. Juno dozed off while Mommy had an early dinner.   I caught Dr Who on TV. And that’s my most favourite favourite TV show. Right from the time when I was  8 yrs old.  Growing up, girls dream of knights in shining armour, prince-on-white-horse. I dreamt of Dr Who showing up in his TARDIS and whisking me away for some time-travel! Alas, that hasnt happened yet. Atleast not that I can remember. 🙂

And then Juno did the unthinkable. As a special Mother’s Day treat, Juno let me watch the whole show. A full 45 minutes. He didnt cry in between. Each time he got restless, I would take him and stand near the balcony sliding doors. He’d happy look out at all the ‘peep-peeps’ on the road, while Mommy watched her show.

And we ended the day with a nice play session. Chuckles and smiles and giggles and a good feed. Happy baby. Happy Mommy. Happy Mother’s Day.


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