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MGM tagged me for this, And after thinking and thinking for about 2 weeks now, I still cannot come up with any stuff.  So I’m just going to ramble here. Type in what comes. And dont tell me I didnt warn you.

Hmmm…so why am I so awesome.

1. I’m a strong independent woman.  I left my parent’s home 13 years ago – for college. And I’ve pretty much been on my own since. With all the ups and downs and then some that 13 years can bring. By the time I met HD, I’d traveled half the globe (or what seemed like it ;), bought my own car, set up house, and a host of other things that no one in my home town would associate with a single woman.

2. I’ve trekked. And that changes you. In little ways, that add up. You learn not to take stuff for granted. You learn to appreciate the simple stuff.  Try walking 24 km in a day, when it simply wont stop pouring, bread and all ration gone, and all you have to eat is smoky rice – with water. Writing that one line takes me back to college days in Mumbai..and the Sahyadris.. Oh how I loved them. There were times I would just catch the early morning local going out of town to the last station … sit at the door with my feet hanging out, the wind tugging at my hair, soaking in the hills go by..

<and i go into a trance remembering the old days>

Add in 2 solo treks, 2 treks where it was just us 2 girls.. looking back, i dont know if that was courage, or foolhardiness. But thankfully, we have only pleasant memories of all those treks.

I wonder if the Goosh would ever be able co-relate all this with his Mom….

3. I dared to dance. I had two left feet. I’d never ever danced. Yes, never. My mom thought it sacrilege to. So at the ripe old age of 26, I went and signed up for Shiamak Davar’s dance classes.  Thankfully, I was never quite the oldest in the class. Always just 2nd oldest.  😉  I did 4 classes that year. That means 4 stage performances too 🙂 With the full jingbang – costumes, lights, props, everything. And for someone with stage fright, who’d always been too self conscious of herself …….. I was on cloud 9.

Oh, and I also did 2 levels of salsa class 🙂 and I’ve been begging HD since the day I met him to sign up. [please sweetie..please please pretty pleease….lets sign up once you get back!!! Pppplllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee]

Ok, that was me rambling and day dreaming off to la la land.With all the baby babling and poop cleaning, I guess I earned that trip down memory lane … remembering the person I used to be BC.

I wonder how the Goosh would react to all this.

Fast forward back to the present.

4.  I’m awesome because this little absolutely gorgeous cutie pie baby popped out of me. Yes, I’m awesome, because I’m the Goosh’s mother. Cant tell you how proud he makes me. Every.Little.Thing.That.He.Does. I’m amazed. And I’m zapped. I cant believe he’s part of me. That the lil speck we first saw on the sonogram, is now such an amazing little person. And he’s all mine!!!! Yaaay.

5.  I can clean stinky baby poop without throwing up. And believe me, it can be downright nuclear on some days.

Yes, that was one of my big worries in the preg days. I used to be so finicky about all kinds of smells. Hurray!! quite an achievement that one is.

6.  I’ve figured out how to multitask with a baby in the house. I can chop veggies, do tadka, put the laundry into the machine, make baby food, feed the baby all at the same time!   Haha. Gottchya with that one, didnt I 😉  Let me know if you’ve figured out the secret to juggling all that!

7.  I am holding on to my sanity despite not having an uninterrupted full night’s sleep in the last 9 months. Yes, I know all moms do that. And that’s why I think all Moms are AWESOME!






Phew! Needed a breather after that!


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Tiku tagged me with this a while ago, and i’ve taken my time to get around to it..

I’m supposed to write 10 honest things about myself and then pass on the tag. So here goes

  1. I’m a proud Mommy, hopelessly and helplessly in love with the Goosh
  2. I am mostly tired and sleepy and running on auto pilot these days. Hehe.. as mother of a 7 month old rambunctious baby, what else do you expect!!!
  3. I have yet to loose the extra flab I put on during pregnancy, and I wonder when or if I ever will. Not that it matters much!
  4. I LOVE to travel. Though havent been on a holiday in the last 15 months!  BC (ie Before child), I’ve covered like half the globe. Ok.. maybe not half, but definitely MANY places. Here’s a list of all the places I’ve lived in. Always wanted to write about the myriad places I’ve visited from Pabal to Paris, but somehow just never got around to. I hope to …one day.. so that the Goosh can know the person Mommy was before he came along.
  5. I dont suffer fools gladly. I HATE incompetence.
  6. I’m very cut n dry. No frills. Straight to the point.
  7. I love the outdoors.
  8. I ‘used’ to love to read. I still do. But its becoming rarer and rarer.
  9. I cant sing for nuts. I thought that having a baby would now be my chance to sing – anything and everything to the baby. But the Goosh has also decided that he cant bear my singing. He starts wailing when I start singing…Hmm on second thoughts, maybe he is singing along!
  10. I’m Indian. hehehe. Its 11 pm. I’m zonked. And that’s the first thing that popped into my head for number 10i 😉

Passing on the tag to:

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