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Sob sob sob.. 15th March!!

15th March is approaching fast. And I’m sooo not looking forward to it. 15th March, I have to get back to work. I dont know how I’ll manage it. Juno will be 4 months old by then. But still.. I dont want to leave him and go to office. Who will take care of thim?? Yes, I’m looking for a full time maid, and his grandparents will be there… But still.. how will they take care of him?? I know I know I’m just being paranoid. He’ll be just fine. Yet.. dil nahi maanta.

He’s still a small little thing. Completely dependent on me. He’s unable to figure out when he’s hungry, or when he’s sleepy. Or when he wants to play. He just cries out for Mommy. Mommy will take care. And that’s what I tell him when he’s wailing – “Dont you worry honey, Mommy’s here. Mommy will take care of everything.” And now what am I doing – going off to office. Hmpfff!

He hasnt settled into any kind of routine yet. He feeds anytime he feels hungry. That can be within 30 min or 3 hours. He poops at any time of the day. Once, twice, or thrice – as he feels like. Pees n times a day. Cries when he’s sleepy and wants to play and cant decide. Cries when he’s wet. Or tired. Or just wants attention. I’ve tried giving him a bottle a few times – but there’s no garauntee he’ll take it. He’s too moody. I’ve tried 3 different bottles, shapes, sizes, colors. I’ve tried 3 sizes of nippes. But I can find no pattern to when he takes the bottle and when he doesnt. Last night I gave him about 2 oz with his purple turtle bottle. But he was still hungry after that. So I went and filled the bottle again. And then he refused to take it. He wept and howled till I gave him the boob!


Will the new maid and his Dada Dadi be able to figure out all this? Will they change his nappy in time? Will they figure out when and how to feed him?

Does anyone have any tips/suggestions how to settle a baby into some kind of routine!!??


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