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I’m dead asleep and the goosh starts pawing my face. “mumma uthooo” (wakeup Mumma). “Utthoooo” he cries, as he ries to pry my eyes open.

Once he has my attention, he pulls me up to a sitting position, stretches out his hand, points to the door and says “chalo. udhar chalo” (lets go, lets go there).

“Mumma chichen chalo” (lets go to the kitchen)! And he climbs into my arms.

once in the kitchen, he steers to the cupboard and states “popcorn chahiye! Mumma, popcorn cook cook”.

Huh!!!!! Ya right. In the middle of the night!!!!!  I check the clock. Its only 4:30 am.

I try to reason with him. Popcorn nahin hai. Shop se lana padega. Tomorrow we’ll get. Here try some papad, chips, nuts, badam.

Nope. The dude wants popcorn only!

Then I stumble upon a jar of choco-chip cookies. Now who can resist those!

The dude relents. Insists “katori chahiye”. So I take one out and put in 2 cookies. “Mumma, aur chahiye. Fineeesh”. And takes the jar from my hand and empties it out to the katori with a grin.

“Bhahar chalen? Sofa par” I ask.

Baby: “Nahi. Chitai”.

Me: “Baby, chitai is cold. no sit on the floor. Baby sit on sofa”

Baby: waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn.

So I give in.

He plonks on the chitai and for the next 10 minutes is oblivious to my existence while he devours the choc-chip cookies. And I envy him 🙂

Once done, he climbs up on me, snuggles in, and readily agrees to drink his bottle of milk. No fuss. I pinch  myself. Am I dreaming!?!?

He has his fill, pushes the bottle aside holds my face in his palms and says, “Mumma, soi soi” (lets sleep).

I pick him up to go back inside. “Waaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin. Idhaar!! Baby idhar soi soi!!!”.  He wants to sleep on the sofa!!!!! Whatttttttttt!!!!!!!!!?@@

So we cuddle up on the sofa. He’s puts his head on my chest and slips into slumber. Or so I think. I get up to take him inside. And there he goes again “Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin”.

2 more attempts and I give up.

We sleep on the sofa. Or atleast he does. Till 8 am!

I’m unable to. It’s daybreak. I see the dawn. And I have a splitting headache. I thought I’d mastered the art of sleeping at will, anytime, anywhere. But looks like I was mistaken. At 6:30 I finally give up. It’s gonna be a helluva day today. If you see the cursing and swearing today, or I fall flat on my face, you know the reason. 🙂


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The worst part of being a mother

is feeling helpless.

Helpless when kiddo isnt well.

When he’s down with fever. And cough. And cold. And refuses to rest. Or take medicines.

When it takes 3 people to pin him down amidst much screaming and kicking, for each dose of medicine, and only 1/3rd of it manages to go into his mouth.

When he wakes up crying inconsolably in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.

When he refuses to eat anything but junk food aka pop-corn and chips and peanuts, in a fever, and then throws up.

When he resists all attempts at sponging to bring down his fever, but insists on roaming around in the tshirt that he’s spilled a glass of water/milk/medicine on.

Damn. I’ve never seen Goosh this listless. Or felt so helpless.

It’s been almost 2 months. If its not a cold, cough or fever, its an upset stomach, throwing up, or bad dreams.  Dont know if its due to starting daycare. Or the weather. Or he’s missing his old maid.

And for me, with Goosh not well, sleepless nights, no maid, chaos at work and painful trips to the dentist every other day – well, its been awesome 🙂

I’ve let the house get messy. I’ve given in to demands for pop-corn and maggi more than i’d like to. And I havent worked at all at GameZen.

I’ve cut down. Only do the basics. Like eat and sleep (when i can that is 🙂 And spend as much time as I can with Goosh.

With him, its the best of all times, and its the worst of all times. Even at his worse, he’s still a charmer. He’s learning new words everyday. And never ceases to surprise me. “Mumma daaahliiing”. Days of the week. Rhymes and songs I’ve never heard.

So this is motherhood.  A mighty mixed bag. Sigh.

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And boys will be boys

It’s 5 am. Or thereabouts me thinks in my sleepful stupor. Goosh has woken up with a cry. Yet again.  Wailing and howling. With his eyes still closed. Still asleep. He has some water. Throws some about. And continues crying.

I kick myself and get ready for the usual hour of wailing. I go to get some milk for him. I’m gone all of 2 minutes, or less.

I come back to see kiddo in his Baba’s lap, all thrilled and cheering and doing dishoom, diiiishoooom to the lil bedsheet monster Baba made for him.

These boys I tell ya…….sigh…..

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All mixed up

So its been a crazy day. I had a marathon 3 hr session at the dentist. And believe me it was no fun. Then running around for errands.

I pick up the mite from day care at 5pm. And the fellow doesnt want to leave. He’s thrilled to see me all right, but wants to play in the sand and on the slide and the swings. I have to drag him away kicking and screaming. We go and give the car for servicing, and he howls and screams the entire way. We buy some bread for tomorrow. We get home and he refuses to go upstairs, but runs to the park instead.
I’m pretty frustrated. Running after him. Stopping him from putting mud and grass and khajoor into his mouth. But he’s loving it. Running around like an aeroplane. Swinging the loaf of bread from side to side. Giving it to all and sundry who happen to pass by. Like a little angel.

For a while, for a little little while, I put my frustration aside. I just let him be. And enjoy.

And I did. For a little while.

He ran. And I ran behind him. We played catch. For the first time. He gurgled in glee. All thrilled. Playing with his Mamma. 🙂

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So atleast someone in the family is sticking to their New Year resolutions. Yes, it’s Goosh. His new Year resolution: Sleep hartal!!! The brat has decided he will make the most of his time. To play. To hell with sleep!!! Who needs rest!? Not Goosh for sure.

Walks with Baba, feeding and snuggling up to Mama,  just induce wails and screams loud enough to wake up the dead.

No matter how tired and ‘sleepy’ he is, he thinks ‘lights off’ is just an invite to come jump on the bed, hurl himself at the bed head, and wiggle up to the window. Whoever said lil kids are afraid of the dark!?!

All pleas fall on deaf ears. Our best soothing voices must seem like 3rd degree torture to him, coz the wailing just gets worse. One of these days the neighbours are gonna come over to check what we’re doing to that kid!

And again, today, like y’day and the day before.. it’s taken a good 2 hours struggle, to make a tired and cranky Goosh call it a night.

Mommy and Daddy are too zonked to even sleep now.

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Puppy love

Over the weekend, Goosh finally deigned to acknowledge our parental status.  Ask him where his Baba is, and he’d poke HD’s knee. Ask him where Mamma is, and he’d poke me.  Yeah, he did it just about 2 – 3 times outta the hundred times we asked him. But it still makes me swell with pride.You see I was getting a bit concerned that he hasnt started calling us Mama and Baba yet. He says mamammama and babababaa for just about everything.

You can understand how poignant this moment was for me  – especially since he unfailingly recognizes a dog a mile away. He’ll spot them much before we do and start off with a “baw wow wow wow”  each time. For dogs of all breeds, color and sizes. Whether a real dog, or a distorted picture. Whether on TV or in a book or on the road. Or a soft toy. We’ve been wanting to get him a puppy.. but living in flat, with both of us working…its just not feasible. So y’day we gave in and bought him a huge soft toy doggie. And he clutched it right thru the day, never letting go.


The little critter is on a pointing spree. As soon as he gets up in the morning, he’ll climb onto us, give a huge wallop and grin and start pointing. Like his Royal Highness climbing onto his favourite stead.  He’ll point towards the door and go ‘aababaawbaa’ till we take him out of the room. And then all over the house. He has to have his morning inspection of the house you see. His walk through the house usually leads to the kitchen, where he proceeds to open every drawer and take out every single utensil. But I ramble….


I’m amazed at how much he picks up from observation. Like the TV remote. He knows the diff between the TV remote and the mobile phone. He knows you point it towards the TV and press some buttons and something happens.  In the Goa hotel, he surprised me by switching on the TV – he ‘knew’ the remote and TV – though the remote was grey and v diff from our home one. And the TV was a 10inch box compared to the LCD at home. How did he know??


He always loved to see us brush and would get all excited. Now he’s got his own brush. Which he happily munches all thru the day.


My lil baby is going to make his wife really happy. Y’day I observed him playing with his toys. He has this big box/tray kind of thing to hold his toys. He took them out one by one. played with them. And then put them right back!!!! Not once, but repeatedly. He must’ve seen me and HD putting away his toys atleast a dozen times a day and picked it up. Sigh… I’m keeping my fingers corssed and praying that he remembers this as he grows up and always puts away his own stuff.



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Images courtesy: Houston Chronicles

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