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I dont like Sundays

I’m probably the only person in the whole world who doesnt look fwd to Sundays.. ok, who hates Sundays.

For most people, Sunday is the day to unwind, chill, go out, catch up with friends.

For me, Sunday is the most tiring day of the week. Even though I finish as much of the chores as I can on Saturdays.

The maid cooks in the morning and leaves (thankfully she does atleast that!!). And then its Goosh all to me for the next 24 hours.  It’s physically and emotionally draining.

Sunday evenings are the worse. Feel lost and incredibly lonely. Each week. The campus bears a deserted look. The park, the pool, everythings empty. The swings, the slides, which normally have kids queueing up are empty. No evening walkers. No doting passers-by stopping to play with Goosh. Looks like everyone has gone out. We walk around for a while, but it feels uncannily like a curfew outside and we come back home.

I don’t want to go to CCD again. I don’t want to struggle with a crying/cranky baby at a packed CCD like last time.

So we head off to Cosmos – ‘the neighbourhood mall’. Goosh enjoys that. He loves the lights and the glitter. He looks around in awe, all wide eyed. He reaches out to touch everything. Smiles at strangers. And they in turn stop to smile back.

Mommy unconciously wanders over to the Doughnut shop. Hehe. We buy two. And while we wait the guy at the counter keeps talking to Goosh and singing to him. As I pay and am about to move away, he steps away from the cash register and says “Ma’am, can I hold him for a while”. I’m stumped. And hold Goosh out. He happily scoots over. And plays with that guy. The Guy shows him all the doughnuts explaining some stuff to him. For 5 minutes, they’re like 2 old friends. Then I pulled Goosh away not knowing what to make of it.

But he does have charm, my lil one. When I’m with him complete strangers stop me to talk to him. From the watchman, the housekeeping staff, a whole bunch of kids who I dont know, old ladies, anyone and everyone he meets in the lift. They all stop to talk to him, to smile. Such is the power of this lil charmer.

We found a free table and sat there. Goosh on the table. Mommy pulled out a heavenly cream filled chocolate dipped doughnut. The Goosh got his first taste of doughnut and liked it! Way to go boy! And we sat there, Mommy and kiddo, rubbing noses, laughing, eating away, while the rest of humanity milled by envious. Just the two of us. Bitter-sweet.


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