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Ok, one more mushy gushy post. My baby just took his first steps. Sideways.
Yahoooo!!! Yipeeeee!!!!!!!!

He can barely sit up. And manages a wobbly happy standing on his feet. So we went ahead and put him in the pram walker to see how he’d react. And oh-my-gosh.. he just loves it! He stands comfortable and proud in it. He understands that this is somehow a big boy thing. And goes wham, wham wham at the toys infront. Eyes popping out, brows knit together in intense concentration – even Vishwanathan would be put to shame by this kid’s focus. Completely enchanted, completely enamoured…

From May09

ANd I stand back and sigh. My little baby is growing up. His first steps in this world. Aaawwwwwww.

From May09

The rabbit eater….

And some more firsts today – he drank water from a glass. 🙂 Ok, he spilt more than he took in, but hey, no one’s perfect on day one.

And he had his first apple 🙂 Mommy was eating an apple.. and he kept looking at me so longingly, so wistfullly, that I just had to give him a piece. For the next 15 min, he held on to it like dear life. Trying to chew it, to munch it and wondering why nothing happened…

From May09

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