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Thank you Mom

Thank you Mom. Thank you for putting up with me these last 7 months. For taking care of me, like you did all those months I was in your womb. For doing all the big and small things.
We have different ways of showing our love. And more often than not, we dont see eye to eye. Other than in matters of housekeeping, we’re as different as chalk and cheese.
For these last 7 months, you’ve worked endlessly. To look after me, HD and the baby. You’ve taken such good care of us. Paying attention to each small thing. Making clothes for Junior way before he was born. Running to him each time he cried. Putting up with my endless aches and pains and complaints. Putting aside all your aches and pains and running around to make us happy. Making all kinds food and sweets that we like though you couldnt eat them because of your diabetes.
Sigh. I can go on and on, but i wont be able to thank you enough for all the little things you’ve taken care of.

And now that you’re heading back home to Indore, I just dont know how I’m going to manage without you 😦


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