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No more shopping!

No more shopping for me! I will NOT shop anymore. Atleast for the next one year.

I was packing to head back to bangalore. And I realised I have soooo much stuff. So many lovely Tshirts and shirts – that dont fit me anymore. Skirts, trousers, salwar suits… all too tight for me now. 6 pairs of fabulous heels – that I havent worn for the past 11 months and still cant wear when I’m with Junior – which is almost always. All my nice long dangling earrings that have been pushed to a corner because Junior loves nuzzling into my neck. Besides which, he’s learning to grasp and grabs anything that happens to be within reach.

And well, since I didnt fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes, last month I went and bought myself an entire new wardrobe. 3 jeans, 6 short kurtas, 6 new salwar suits and 6 pairs of cute flat footwear. Hubby dearest humoured me and applauded my single handed efforts to revive the economy. 🙂

I have just way too much stuff. There’s no way I can carry it all on the measly 25kg baggage allowance on the flight. So I’ve got to send it by transport. I just packed 2 huge boxes full of clothes. My favourites. That I thought I’d fit into after the delivery. But that still feel like 5 sizes too small. So I paid money to have all my favourite stuff shipped to Indore – heck I was coming here for 6 months and I didnt want to leave my stuff behind. And now I’m paying money to have it all shipped back to Bangalore. And I havent used most of it even once during my entire stay here. How smart am I!?!?!

Shudda listened to Mum. When she saw me packing for INdore, she laughed and warned me – you’re not gonna use any of this stuff. And sigh.. she was so right.

Anyways, going thru all that stuff I realised I’ve bought so many ‘nice’ things, clothes, shoes, purses – only to use them once or twice. I have about a dozen purses. I buy anything that catches my fancy. But I stick to using the same one every day. I cant be bothered to move my wallet, papers, keys to a different purse everyday. I bought 6 shades of nail paint a few months ago. But havent used any of them. Cant be bothered to paint my nails every week. Same fate with those lipsticks ageing in my drawer. About 5 of them, which havent been used as many times in the last 5 years. When I have to go out, its almost always in a hurry. I just put on the first set of ironed clothes I get, or the most casual, and just head out. I dont bother with makeup. I dont bother with accessories. I just dont bother.
And yet I go on buying all the dainty, good looking stuff, and the supposed-to-make-you-look-good-stuff. Hoping some day to get out of my casual dressing and be all girly-girly. I’ve accumulated so much. Sigh..

Hubby dearest smiles at my attempts, gives me a hug, “I love you just the way you are”. And I thank my lucky stars he prefers my casual, brattish ways over dainty painted faces.

Bottom line – I’ve got to stop buying stuff. Manmohan Singh will have to revive the economy without me.


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