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Roses for Mumma

Made by Goosh and Mumma.


The final painted roses adorning our shoe rack!


After the first coat of paint


Work in Progress


Here’s a quick and simple how-to for some Quick and simple roses.

– take some atta. Firmer than what you make rotis with.

– make small balls out of it. Say about 1cm diameter.

– press the balls out into flat ovals. Doesnt have to be even / fixed shapes.

– roll the ovals into a rose, petal by petal. 4 petals are sufficient for a rose bud.

– let ’em dry.

– paint ’em.

and you’re done.

Goosh helped all the way. Right from making the small balls, to pressing them out, to even painting them! I wish I’d taken a video.. but we were just having too much fun 🙂


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Well.. they do say the universe conspires to give you what you really and truly want.

So for me, the universe ensures that there’s never a dull moment. That my life is always interesting 😉 Amen.

Even though at times, its not quite what I want, in ways that I want, but heck.. its definitely always colorful, always interesting, and my plate is always full.

And at times, when you dont listen to it, it forces you to step back and take note.

So certain events happened at Work. And I decided to quit. I’ve had a great 6 years here. Got to do some interesting, exciting work. Got to work with some amazing people. Got to travel to some amazing places. But now, I guess its just time to move on.

My last 2 weeks here and I’m feeling quite nostalgic. 6 years is definitely the longest I’ve ever been in one place, in my life. The closest comes Bombay, with 5 years. I’m gonna miss everyone. It takes a while to register that I wont be seeing this bunch every single day. Or the coffee machine we hate so much.

It also forces you to think about all the stuff we take so much for granted. Like the lovely campus with reserved parking and security; or the office boys available for all errands; or all the other perks that work so efficiently and effectively like the courier desk, the xerox m/c, printer, cafeteria, the laptop and the ip-phone. When you think about it, the list of small stuff that we take for granted, is so endless. Like the newspaper and milk that are delivered to your door everyday.

The only thing constant is change, right. And its the only way you can move ahead.

So here I am, welcoming it 🙂

The plan is to chill, spend some time with Goosh, do some of my favourite stuff, paint, crafts, and some photography, if I can smooch (er, borrow) a DSLR from someone for a few weeks 😉  I’m really, really looking forward to a break for the next month or so, while I search for the next job. If you know of any openings in the Semiconductor space for an extremely bright and talented young woman with over 9 years of experience with the best companies in the industry, drop me a mail 😉

And now I get back to grappling with this whole ton of ideas, an endless list of things I want to do, that I’d like to do in my break … wondering how much of it I’ll be able to get around to 😉  Can I entice anyone into setting up a nice cushy fund for me so that I can pursue my insatiable appetite for life.  Or can one of you help me rig a lottery 😉

Wish me well folks!

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