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Ok, I had my head full of thoughts to blog about today.  “Why does a 6 month old …” “Mirror mirror on the wall” “Behind every successful woman…. is a maid” – those are the things I wanted to write about. But then the B thingie took over.

As I switched on my laptop, a bee came and sat on the screen. Yes a Bee. Or maybe its called a wasp. I dont know and I dont care. All I know is that this thing doesnt belong on my laptop. It’s 10 pm and the Goosh is sleeping just 2 feet away from me.  What should I do? It got startled.  And settled on my gown. I dont want to swap at it and take a chance that it flies on to the Goosh. So I slowly, carefully get up and walk outside to the balcony and swat it.  I come back pretty pleased with myself for being so brave.

5 minutes later, a bee comes and pecks me on the chin. And this time I’m startled – hey didnt I just swat this thing outside. I pick up a pillow and stomp on it. Then pick it up gingerly by the wing and throw it into the bathroom sink.

Another few minutes later I hear some more buzzing. I search around the room and see that there are 4-5 more bees around the tubelight.  WHAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!! I’m fuming. The maid must’ve left the bedroom window or balcony door open without shutting the screen.

I try to stay calm. I switch off the fan. And go to get the broom. The idea is to swat them all with the broom. But by the time I get back, they’re all scattered.

I look around, cant find them, sigh and get back to the laptop, determined not to sleep and to keep a watch over Goosh.  And slowly but surely, they come to me. Or rather to the laptop. I’m sure the brains over at Dell and Intel never imagined this use for the Laptop – a Bee magnet. They’re drawn to the screen!

It’s 10:45 pm now. I’ve killed 5 bees so far and I’m on the look out for more. I’d read on someone’s blog – one of the changes that motherhood brings is that you give up all those tennets of non-voilence – ahimsa at the slightest threat to your baby. How true.  There was a time when I’d just chase a mosquito away and not kill it.. and now, I’m chasing the bees about the room with a broom! Hehehe.

Wondering what to do next… Is it safe to sleep? Or will Goosh and I wake up all stung and swollen. I hope not. Now there’s only one thing left to do – pray!!!!

Stay tuned for the next episode of the Bee Series!


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What's YOUR choice?


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