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Seemingly inocuous question. And I’m ready with a barrage of misery and a flood of tears. Atleast that’s what I feel like.  Its no fun being a single working mum. Even if its just for a few months.  I miss HD. Waaaaaaaaaaiiiin.

I wish I could scream and cry like Junior.

My wrist has been busted for weeks nows. And I need to use a wrist support. I’m frequently falling ill thank to the stress and exhaustion – or wait, maybe its the crazy weather in Bangalore. I’ve got a cold and fever this weekend. Last weekend was pretty similar, but I somehow managed not to get a full blown fever.  And this morning I slipped in the kitchen and twisted my ankle. And did I mention my right shoulder is kinda messed up. Get shooting pains each time I pick up the baby. 

Does that sound crazy enuf?

Add to that taking care of the baby, the house, and office. Without HD.

Fun?!? What’s that.

So overall, I’m having a miserable day. Then the little brat wakes up. Reaches out for me and gives me a gorgeous smile. 

And its all, all right. I pick him up and smile. I’ll get thru another day.


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