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Fly away

Goosh’s love for aeroplanes continues. Here’s Goosh’s fleet of planes made from play-doh. Thanks Sands!

Goosh's fleet


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Some flowers and some sunshine

Shruti, this one’s for you!

Here’s what Goosh and I made for Shruti’s artsy-craftsy this month: some flowers and some sunshine.

Goosh loved doing this. It’s simple aatta dough, left over from cooking. For the flowers, Goosh first help me break it up into small lil pieces. Then we rolled them into small balls and laid ’em out like flowers. Then Goosh had a gala time pressing each ball into a petal shape, just pushing his lil thumb right in. I was amazed at his patience. He actually let the whole thing complete – without messing it up too much. And he even let it dry, for a whole one hour in the sun. After which it was promptly demolished and strewn about for the birds to eat 🙂

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