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And boys will be boys

It’s 5 am. Or thereabouts me thinks in my sleepful stupor. Goosh has woken up with a cry. Yet again.  Wailing and howling. With his eyes still closed. Still asleep. He has some water. Throws some about. And continues crying.

I kick myself and get ready for the usual hour of wailing. I go to get some milk for him. I’m gone all of 2 minutes, or less.

I come back to see kiddo in his Baba’s lap, all thrilled and cheering and doing dishoom, diiiishoooom to the lil bedsheet monster Baba made for him.

These boys I tell ya…….sigh…..


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Daddy ka chamcha

HD has been back in Bangalore all of 15 days. And Goosh has turned into a complete and total Daddy ka chamcha.  It’s Daddy he wants as soon as he wakes up. It’s Daddy he wants to play with all day. It’s Daddy who now puts him to bed each night – with out tears and tantrums – a feat that Mommy still finds impossible to do. And all this makes for one Happy – and a wee bit jealous (ok, a very very jealous) Mommy.

He’s got so attached to Daddy, that he came down with a fever this weekend – ‘coz Daddy had hopped off to Bombay for some work. And mommy was at her wits end with a cranky clingy baby!

The fever mysteriously vanished once HD got back. To be replaced by a runny nose and the coughinng.

Daddy dearest is playing ‘mommy’ to the hilt. Massages and fun baths. Long walks and crazy talks. Music. Dancing. ‘Helipocter’ rides.

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Daddy,Daddy..where are you

Where are you Daddy?

Where are you Daddy?

Goosh and Mommy cant wait for you to get home!! 1 more day to go!!!!

We mish you Daddy!

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Daddy, I mish you..

Juno’s way of showing he misses Daddy……

From April09

Invariably, every time I take him through the corridor, he makes a lunge for this photo. He ignores the others! Smarty kid!

“Daddy, I’m wrapping myself up as a present for you”

From April09

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15th April.

HD is here for a week. ANd the goosh has gone completely ballistic. You can see it in their eyes. Both are just so thrilled.

HD was a bit skeptical when he came – will Juno recognise him. But he need not have worried. From the minute he got here, Goosh has been hogging him like there’s no tomorrow. I swear. The little kid seems to know that Daddy is here only for a week. He’s been talking to Daddy non-stop, catching up on all the details of the whole month gone by. Daddy in turn, has not let him down. Literally. He’s been carrying the Goosh around all the time, holding the kiddo in his lap, talking to him, throwing him up in the air, showing him a million things. All boy stuff. They’ve formed a mutual admiration club. The goosh rewards HD with wide grins and giggles and coos. And ofcourse, drool. He refuses to sleep, or even eat. He wants to make the most of all the time he has with Daddy.

That ofcourse, leaves me a tired, wailing baby to take care of. His routine’s gone for a toss. He’s no longer taking his afternoon naps. He refuses to feed from me. Keeps trying to run out of my lap and go find Daddy. No kidding. The 5 month old actually tries to get off my lap and run. So I have to call HD and make him sit behind me and play with Juno while I feed him. Same goes for the massage. The kid just refuses to be away from Daddy!

The last few days have left him so tired, that he slept a straight 12 hrs last night. Made me worried and thankful at the same time! He got up to feed only twice.

Its so wonderful to see them together. Like they were made for each other. Each dotting on the other. With Daddy here, goosh has upped his naughtiness. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, Daddy will rush to him and then they’ll have their own silent morning ritual. Smiles and nods exchanged, hands held, cuddling up. Within 5 min goosh realises that it’s Daddy, not Mommy he’s with. And he goes into his ‘big boy’ mode. He’ll talk to Daddy, chukcle, giggle, lots of ‘aaa’s and aayye’s and smiles. They look into each other’s eyes with such love. And I sigh. And put a kala tikka on them.

HD’s taken to playing Daddy Daycare. My wrist is busted. And HD’s been massaging and bathing Goosh. And the Goosh – simply loves it 😦 🙂 He’s so thrilled. Coos and plays with Daddy right thru the massage. Unlike with me where he screams and cries and has to be bribed by letting him chew his rattle. Bath times are all the more fun. Daddy n Goosh stand under the shower. And Goosh looked a little lost as the little drops reached him after bouncing off daddy..

Its the first time we’ve been a little family. Just the 3 of us. And it feels so good. Daddy n Juno playing about like little boys. And me the watchful Mom keeping an eye on them, reminding them to eat. Funny. I already picture goosh as a naughty little boy rather than a baby.

The way I play with Goosh is so different than HD’s. Mine is more abt talking and chuckling. His is more fun, louder, making goosh fly thru the air. Its so different. And a kid needs both ways.

Looking at the 2 of them playing together, I feel a tang of envy and a touch of sadness. I dont play with goosh that way. I dont get to play with Goosh that way. HD’s here on vacation. He has all the time on his hands. No office work (ok he did work from home a while). No house work. And a maid to feed Goosh. I have house work, and office work, and I feed Goosh. I spend alot of time with Goosh – but it feels like all the time is spend ‘doing something’ – feeding, bathing, massaging, more feeding. Not playing freely. By the end of the day, by the times chores are done, I’m poopped. And I just cant bring myself to play with Goosh in the energetic way that HD does. I want to just crash. I just hold Goosh and sit. I talk to him. I make him smile. And I just hold him. I dont get to see as many of those estatic chuckles. I dont get to see that naughty twinkle often enough. But I do get lots and lots of smiles. I do get to see that look of satisfaction after every meal. I do get that adoring look each morning. And I do get to see him slip into blissful sleep after each feed.

Each passing day, I am so thankful for Goosh. The little brat. With twinkling eyes and a naughty smile, who’s changed our lives so. He’s a handful, this little person. Adorable, naughty, wonderful.

And I feel a bit sad about HD not being here to witness it all. Each of goosh’s little firsts. All his naughtiness. His adoration. His smiles. Am glad that his one week here was packed with fun and good times with Goosh. The week has gone by so fast. HD is back in Indore. And I’m back to being a single Mum.

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