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Cant find any other word to describe Goosh’s night time explorations. He crawls. While he’s asleep.

As a lil baby, he used to roll about the bed, and even complete full cirlces.

Then came the stage where he was learning to crawl. And he’d continue into the night. He’d sleep with his bum in the air, knees tucked under, frog like, all ready to launch himself.

Once he mastered crawling, he doesnt want to stop. Even after he’s asleep.

Often he wakes up crying because he’s crawled up and banged his head on the headboard.

Already once this week, he’s been rescued with his head hanging over the edge of the bed, his feet perched on top of the pillow fortress. Yes, he climbed over the pillows from this side, and down the other. What prompted me to wake up just in time, I dont know.

And another time we werent so lucky. I was in the loo. For just a minute. And our man sprinted over the pillows, onto the floor.

A few days I tried putting some unused rajais on the floor around the bed.  And tired of it. The Pillow Fortress no longer works.

Tomorrow I meet the carpenter to see if they can make a barricade around the bed.

And if that doesn’t work, heck, I think I’ll just sell the bed and sleep on the floor!


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The Goosh had a blast this Saturday.

We met up with a bunch of friends.  3 babies, 1 toddler, 7 adults. Mayhem. Fun.  Unlike other weekends, I planned in advance. A year in advance.  From the time we were all moms-to-be.  Yes, thats how long it takes to get a bunch of women to get together. This time, I even made sure I checked with their husbands. All the effort was worth it.

Met at RMZ Infinity.  An office complex! And we all took a liking to it. The lovely open space, the evening sun,  kids swapped, we were a happy bunch. You’d think you’re in some kiddies park rather than an office complex!! The Goosh completely forgot about my existence. For a whole of 20 minutes. N took him around for a while. Then K kidnapped him. But after the first minute my new found freedom felt too alien to enjoy. I got Goosh withdrawal pangs. I missed him. Didnt know what to do without him. Felt sooo lonely and miserable and useless! And thankfully by then, he also felt the same.  A minute after I walked into this store, I find K standing by the door, Goosh with his nose pressed against the glass, a sad long face, looking out for Mommy in all earnest. After that, we made sure not to let each other out of sight 😉

The Goosh then went on a hogging spree. He ate up more of the gourmet biscuits N had got, than her son did. He’d let out a cry for more if she waited more than 2 seconds between morsels. Embarrased mortified Mommy’s attempts to distract him were all useless. He later repeated the same for the pizza, garlic bread, dosa, appams and everything else on the table. He sampled EVERYTHING. And kept asking for more. Everyone silently wondered if I’d been starving the lil mite.  Me: thrilled to see his enthusiasm, worried and oscillating on whether to let him have his fill and risk a tummy upset – or to let him keep screaming for more.

Ofcourse, the uttapam, cerelac and biscuits that I’d packed from home were stubbornly refused.

I looked at the other 2 infants. Sitting quitely on the table. Content to play with their toy. Calmly. In one place. While parents had dinner. While the Goosh jumped all over the table. And me. And through the frenzied-preventing-baby-from-jumping-off-the-table, I was still so proud of Goosh, all mush.

Besides the food, the Goosh got high on all kinds of human cannon ball stunts thanks to the uncles. Flying through the air, twirling round and round on head and all kindsa stuff that had me feeling giddy – and terrified – just looking on.

Ever so often, I found myself checking out the other babies’ stuff. How cute, how practical, how colorful. oh-i-want-that-for-goosh.  Felt a twang bad. Most of the stuff I have for Goosh is so practical, so plain. None of those bright colorful cutsie things. How did that happen!?!?!? I want to go out and shop for him all over again!!

On the way back, we were entertained with had alot of acrobatics, wrestling and wailing practice in the car. I thought the lil fellow must be tired, but he had me fooled. Back home, a good feed from Mommy later, he was up and about, like he just had a 3 hour nap. And so play time continued…..

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Ya, a photo crazy Mom trying to get a shot of the new star tooth!

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I got home from work today, and Goosh was no where to be seen. He’d gone down for a walk with his Grandpa.  I washed up and I waited for him.

As the walked in through the door, I sneaked up softly from behind meaning to surprise Goosh.

Before I could reach them, he turned around. Saw me. Instantly let out a whooping joyous gleeful yell and jumped into my arms.


The simple joys that make it all worthwhile.

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Good Morning Mommy

It’s morning.  I dont know the time. But I do know that I want to sleep some more.

The lil fellow twists and turns, and i hold him and pat him down, with a silent prayer that he goes back to sleep.

Don’t know if it was 5 minutes later or an hour, but I feel a wetness on my nose. There’s a heaviness on my chest. Something’s crushing my right arm. I try to open my eyes. But someone’s clamped down a gooey palm on the left one.  The right eye opens to see another eye blink just millimeters away.  Something trickles down my cheek. And I hear a chuckle.

I try to pul him away from my face. He gives out a war cry accompanied by the widest grin I’ve ever seen. And proceeds to gobble up my nose. Then my right cheek. And dives for the eyes. I hold him off. He manages to get entangled in my hair. Tussle and tumble. Push and pull. Yells and yelps. And I break free.

The little fellow was trying to climb over Mommy’s face.

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S*itting arrangements

Nice seat, huh?

Nice seat, huh?

…while waiting for his bath tub to be filled………..

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That thing you do

Dear Goosh,

Where do I start…
There are so many small everyday things that you do that make me go all weak in the knees and teary eyed. How you manage it, heaven only knows. Maybe you’re an angel sent to make me happy. To make me smile, make me laugh, to love me.
Like I’ve said countless times before, each passing day makes me love you a lil more, makes me proud of you a lil more, makes me happy a lil more.

Somethings about you that just make me wonder and go all mushy gushy

– the way you wrinkle up your nose and look me right in the eye

– the way you crack up with that gurgling laughter
– the way you grin, bring your face close up to me, nose to nose, and then with a war cry open your mouth and try to swallow my nose.

– dance in your sleep. And get up and crawl. All over the bed. All over me.

– Time your day time naps to EXACTLY thirty minutes!!! You’ve got an unbelievably accurate internal clock.

– laugh with your whole heart when I hold you up and blow on your tummy

– be all chirpy and bouncy and in full gear within a minute of waking up

– the way you try to crawl over me. And the way you try to climb over me

– you hold on to my Tshirt with the lightest grip – and pull yourself up to standing

– the way you jump up and crawl over the pillows towards me as soon as you see me approaching

– the way you look at me and smile when I open the door and walk in. And then how you wail when I go in to wash up.

– the way you sit on my lap and insist on being fed every meal time. From my plate only. Not yours.

– how ecstatic you are upon entering the bathroom!! yeah, i can never understand that. but it never fails to make you happy!

…and here I pause to dab at my moist eyes..i turn around and look at you sleeping soundly beside me.. and go all mushy gushy..

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