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Of papaya smugness

Feeling smug. Made papaya jam this morning. In all the morning chaos before heading to work. And papaya achar, yes, achar, y’day morning at 7am.  Pretty pleased with the results too.

All thanks to a persistent 3 yr old who’s been pestering me non-stop since he plucked a chotu raw papaya.

Day 1

“Mumma, i want to eat this”. It’s raw baby. You cant eat it.

“Iska sanji banao na”. Iska sabji bhi nahi banta hai

“Fir kya banta hai. Make pickle na”. No sona, papaya ka pickle nahi banta…

He sulks,  puts it in his bag and carries it home.

Day 2

“Mumma, chalo iska pickle banate hain” – in the most enthusiastic persuasive tone, just the way I do when I try to coax him into doing something.

Repeat above 10 times.

He washes it. Then he goes to the maid. “K aunty, iska pickle banao na”. And they start off in their own version of Marathi, she explaining to him that its not done.

Then I start saying I’d love to, but I dont know how. “Dont worry Mumma. Mujhe aata hai. Mein tumko batata hun”.  He creates a recipe. “Wash karo. Cut karo. Pickle masala dalo. Ready.” Huh! Where’d that come from!

Recite recipe 10 times.

I tell him it’s late, time to sleep, we’ll do it tomorrow.

Day 3

The brat who has to be shaken awake at 8 just in time for school, wakes up by himself at 7am and saunters into the kitchen sleepily rubbing his eyes. I’m making chai. He takes his papaya and climbs up on the counter. Tells me to get some water to soak it. What for I ask him. “To make papaya achar”.

And that’s when I gave in.

I call up my ready reckoner for recipes – my Mom. But  ***gasp** she’s clueless. So we decide to go with the brat’s recipe.

Chopped up half the papaya. Threw in the usual suspects – salt, mirchi, nimboo, saunf, mustard, er “sab masala” as he calls it, and shook it together.  Set in it in the sun the whole day. And wala.. in the evening we actually had a yummy papaya achar ready.

Sheesh. I’m now getting cooking lessons from my son.

Day 4

Similarly make papaya jam with instructions from son.

That’s what Mommy Days are made of 🙂



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Baby n Momma just baked our first cake together!!!

With a 101 degree fever. Eyes watering. And the week long cold n fever at its peak, the lil fellow declares at 9 pm that he wants cake.  And his Baba.

He even goes to the kitchen and manages to dig out a packet of cake mix. How the hell the “knew” – what it is, where it is – is beyond me. And the next half hour is “Mummy cake chahiye”, “Mummy cake cook cook”…

So I finally give in.

He plonks on the kitchen counter and does a running commentary as I get all the stuff together. Then come the instructions. “Mumma cook cook”, “Mumma, paaani dayooo” [pani dalo’ => put water], “micro micro”. The lil chef came alive.  His light face all lit up. Eyes eager, animated, excited. Even with a 101 temperature.  And then he instructed Mumma to put in some bandaan and chisim [that is ‘badam’ aka almonds and ‘kismis’ aka raisins – for those not well versed in Goosh-speak]. And ‘helped’ me chop them. And mix them in. And fluff up the cake.

And then we sat and watched it cook in the microwave. I never knew watching something cook could be so exciting. Sigh.

Epilogue: once the cake was cooked, the imp lost interest. He sampled just half a bite and declared “Accha nahi hai“. And then dug out only the bandaan to eat.

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