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That thing you do

Dear Goosh,

Where do I start…
There are so many small everyday things that you do that make me go all weak in the knees and teary eyed. How you manage it, heaven only knows. Maybe you’re an angel sent to make me happy. To make me smile, make me laugh, to love me.
Like I’ve said countless times before, each passing day makes me love you a lil more, makes me proud of you a lil more, makes me happy a lil more.

Somethings about you that just make me wonder and go all mushy gushy

– the way you wrinkle up your nose and look me right in the eye

– the way you crack up with that gurgling laughter
– the way you grin, bring your face close up to me, nose to nose, and then with a war cry open your mouth and try to swallow my nose.

– dance in your sleep. And get up and crawl. All over the bed. All over me.

– Time your day time naps to EXACTLY thirty minutes!!! You’ve got an unbelievably accurate internal clock.

– laugh with your whole heart when I hold you up and blow on your tummy

– be all chirpy and bouncy and in full gear within a minute of waking up

– the way you try to crawl over me. And the way you try to climb over me

– you hold on to my Tshirt with the lightest grip – and pull yourself up to standing

– the way you jump up and crawl over the pillows towards me as soon as you see me approaching

– the way you look at me and smile when I open the door and walk in. And then how you wail when I go in to wash up.

– the way you sit on my lap and insist on being fed every meal time. From my plate only. Not yours.

– how ecstatic you are upon entering the bathroom!! yeah, i can never understand that. but it never fails to make you happy!

…and here I pause to dab at my moist eyes..i turn around and look at you sleeping soundly beside me.. and go all mushy gushy..

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And out we go…

I came back from work today, and as usual looked around to see if the Goosh was downstairs for his ‘walk’. I was a bit concerned since I’d called at 4:30pm and no one answered the home landline or the maid’s mobile. And then I saw themĀ  – all 4 of them, waiting near the lift. The maid all excited, the ILs with the same lost expression on their face; and little Goosh in his pram. He kept looking at me approaching from a distance and then a huge grin as he recognized me.. and within 2 seconds, he pushed with his hands, went up into the air, almost stood up, and toppled over the pram…….

The maid caught him before he hit the floor.


I guess its too risky now to take him for walks in the pram.

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