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Another coworker inspired post.  “My my, how old is your kid now.. you’ve put on a lot of weight”. Yes my dear, I have. 10 kilos to be precise. I’ve put on 10 kgs since my pre-pregnancy days. Unless ofcourse someone’s playing a really mean prank on me and messed up all the weighing machines.  And it has been 6 months since my baby was born.  I think no one told him that he was supposed to bring all that extra weight out of Mommy’s tummy when he came out. I’ve also put on 6 inches around the waist. Or maybe more. I used towear size 28/30 jeans. Now I cant find a pair to fit me.  I scrounged around alot to find a pair of size 36 and a pair of size 38 that fit me.  (unbranded – hence the different sizes. Branded stores mostly keep till size 34. And I havent had the heart to visit “ALL”.

But whats all the fuss about. How does it matter to anyone how much weight I’ve put on. Or what my waist size is.  I’m a healthy happy mommy. And the only part I care about is that I still dont fit into any of my pre-preg clothes. Aaah.. a wardrobe full of trousers and office shirts, blouses, my favourite T-shirts.. that I wont be able to wear again… that’s the only regret I have.  Heck. Small price to pay for the adorable baby I now hold in my arms, wont you say?


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