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The Goosh had a blast this Saturday.

We met up with a bunch of friends.  3 babies, 1 toddler, 7 adults. Mayhem. Fun.  Unlike other weekends, I planned in advance. A year in advance.  From the time we were all moms-to-be.  Yes, thats how long it takes to get a bunch of women to get together. This time, I even made sure I checked with their husbands. All the effort was worth it.

Met at RMZ Infinity.  An office complex! And we all took a liking to it. The lovely open space, the evening sun,  kids swapped, we were a happy bunch. You’d think you’re in some kiddies park rather than an office complex!! The Goosh completely forgot about my existence. For a whole of 20 minutes. N took him around for a while. Then K kidnapped him. But after the first minute my new found freedom felt too alien to enjoy. I got Goosh withdrawal pangs. I missed him. Didnt know what to do without him. Felt sooo lonely and miserable and useless! And thankfully by then, he also felt the same.  A minute after I walked into this store, I find K standing by the door, Goosh with his nose pressed against the glass, a sad long face, looking out for Mommy in all earnest. After that, we made sure not to let each other out of sight 😉

The Goosh then went on a hogging spree. He ate up more of the gourmet biscuits N had got, than her son did. He’d let out a cry for more if she waited more than 2 seconds between morsels. Embarrased mortified Mommy’s attempts to distract him were all useless. He later repeated the same for the pizza, garlic bread, dosa, appams and everything else on the table. He sampled EVERYTHING. And kept asking for more. Everyone silently wondered if I’d been starving the lil mite.  Me: thrilled to see his enthusiasm, worried and oscillating on whether to let him have his fill and risk a tummy upset – or to let him keep screaming for more.

Ofcourse, the uttapam, cerelac and biscuits that I’d packed from home were stubbornly refused.

I looked at the other 2 infants. Sitting quitely on the table. Content to play with their toy. Calmly. In one place. While parents had dinner. While the Goosh jumped all over the table. And me. And through the frenzied-preventing-baby-from-jumping-off-the-table, I was still so proud of Goosh, all mush.

Besides the food, the Goosh got high on all kinds of human cannon ball stunts thanks to the uncles. Flying through the air, twirling round and round on head and all kindsa stuff that had me feeling giddy – and terrified – just looking on.

Ever so often, I found myself checking out the other babies’ stuff. How cute, how practical, how colorful. oh-i-want-that-for-goosh.  Felt a twang bad. Most of the stuff I have for Goosh is so practical, so plain. None of those bright colorful cutsie things. How did that happen!?!?!? I want to go out and shop for him all over again!!

On the way back, we were entertained with had alot of acrobatics, wrestling and wailing practice in the car. I thought the lil fellow must be tired, but he had me fooled. Back home, a good feed from Mommy later, he was up and about, like he just had a 3 hour nap. And so play time continued…..


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Dear Goosh,

I am sooo proud of you. So awestruck. You surprise me each day.  I love your attitude, your enthusiasm, and the contagious smile on your face. So much to learn from you, my son. That infectious grin, and those twinkling smiling eyes ….and those countless baby suits that are too small for you .. reminders to get my priorities right. Before I know it, you’ll be running around and going off to school.

Last week I was going crazy. Too many things to juggle. Too little time. And you set me right. I need to play with you.. before you grow up enough to not need me.

Wanna play ;)

Wanna play

Saturday was a day full of surprises.

Saturday morning. You woke up at an unearthly 7am. I wanted to sleep in late. But you were jumping all over me raring to go. A few disarming smiles and not so gentle prods later, I budged. I needed some good strong tea. Dada, Dadi had gone for their walk. So I put you in your walker. Hoping to keep you out of trouble while I made tea. But as soon as I reached the kitchen, you gave a gleeful war cry and trudged up right behind me. I kept staring. And staring some more. When did you grow up enough to walk in your walker?? Last I remembered your feet barely reached the floor when I put you in it. And here you are gleefully following me around the house. Yep, I walked all over the house to see if you’d follow. And you did. With countless stop overs in between. To pull and munch the table cloth. To open the shoe rack. To tug at the dining chairs. But follow me around you did. And I shouting with as much glee as you!

I realised that though I spend so many hours a day with you, we hardly have any play time. I’m always doing this or that or something else. Your feeds, your massage, your bath, more feeds. Always trying to juggle you with something else. And I just miss out on playing with you. Hardly realised how you’ve grown the past few weeks. When did you grow tall enough to reach the floor with your feet? When did you start walking about?

I am sooo envious of all the people who get to play with you. You cant imagine how much.

Late morning I took you to check out a few creches in the neighbourhood. At one, a caretaker reached out to you. And without batting an eyelid, you went to her. And played with her. And didnt even look at me. She took you to this room full of toys and you were enthralled. A good five minutes later, I reached out to you, and you still didnt even look at me. It broke my heart. You were too busy playing. I had to pry you away from her.

Do you also feel that way when I go about doing the housework instead of  with you?

Afternoon was crawl time. Last I remembered you were into belly crawl.  And then came the wobbly bum-up-in-the-air-pushup kinda crawl. So i spread out the carpet. And kept your favourite toy in front of you – the phone. And you surprised me again – you promptly crawled over to it with a huge grin and looked at me with a “whaddya think mommy!?! “.  I kept moving it further, you kept catching up. Like we were playing tag. We did 2 full rounds of the entire carpet. Woah!!! Shocked. And so proud of you!

Evening we went to the park. Holidays are over. The kids are back. The park was full. But I think you sensed that and didnt like it. You werent your usual self. You held back. Cautious. You didnt even like your usual swing.

Back home, now that you’re a big boy, you insisted on having dinner. From mommy’s plate. So I gave you a small piece of roti. And you munched it away happily. And asked for more. And more. And more. For every bite I had, I had to give you a teeny weeny one. Else you showed your disapproval with a loud growl and a lunge towards my plate. 🙂 This has now become and everyday ritual. You and me. Having dinner together each nite.


I started writing this post last saturday, 6th June, when Juno completed 7 months. Just never got around to finishing it. Am too busy playing with Goosh 😉 hahaha.. I knew you wont believe me. There’s too much to write. And not enough time to….

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My little baby has grown up. And he’s bent on showing it every which way. Sunday morning, he proved his point once again. I held him in my lap and sat down for breakfast. My daily bowl of daliya. And the lil guy hijacked my breakfast!!! He insisted on being fed! Daliya ki kheer!!!!! Of all things. Each spoon I brought to my mouth, was attacked. I gave in and let him have a few drops of it. But that wasnt enough. He pouted and he wailed and insisted I feed him ‘properly’ – like a big boy – sitting up, not lying down! Anything more than a 5 second interval between spoonfuls was met with a wail and an attack on the bowl itself!  Take a look at Mommy’s big boy:

Eating Mommy's breakfast

Eating Mommy's breakfast

He’s now made it a daily habit – he MUST eat from Mommy’s bowl.

The delicate little baby has become a rough n tough lil boy. Always jumping around. Always exploring. Bouncing around all the time. Wanting to stand up on his own. Refusing to lie down.  Even for his massage. He can hold on to stuff and pull himself up to sitting, and even standing position. He loooves climbing over Mommy each morning. He loves eating from Mommy’s plate.

From cute baby suits he graduated to jeans n Tshirts

From his lil bath tub, he’s moved on to the pool.

From just breast milk to milkshakes and khichdi.

He refuses to sit in his pram or his cradle any more.

There was a time when he could barely move his little hands. I’d hold his small hand in my fingers. His hand was too tiny to even wrap fully around one finger. Now the fellow grabs hold of my Tshirt by the collar and pulls himself up to standing 🙂  That’s his latest exercise – to pull himself up to standing. He likes doing squats. Er!

Sigh.. where did my little baby go… He’s growing up too fast for me. I wish time would slow down. I want these moments to last longer. I want to savour it a while more.. the teeny weeny fingers wrapped around mine, little hands holding on to me, the little feet digging into me when I sleep. Those long hourly feeds.. how I hated them then.. now I long for them. The satisfaction when he was fully fed .. the happiness on his face, the playfulness.. dozing off after a satisfied meal… I miss it all now. My supply has gone down drastically in the last few weeks. I cant even feed him a full stomach in the mornings. Have to supplement it with Lactogen or milkshake or something. And I feel sad. I wanted to continue feeding him till he’s a year old.. Doc says its probably coz of the stress, food habits etc etc.. besides which, its been 6.5 months… All I can do is improve my diet and relax. Easier said than done.

He’s also turning into a helpful lil lad. See, he helped Mommy do her grocery shopping today. He loved exploring MK Retail, and gleefully pulled stuff from the shelves!

And oh, did I mention the laundry 😉

Mommy's lil helper folding the laundry

Mommy's lil helper folding the laundry

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