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Goosh sweetie.. you just gave Mommy the most awesome weekend. How did you know just what Mommy needed? First of all, your infectious grin. The happy, naughty grin always on your face!!! Fun times with you!!

Mommy n Juno went for another swim on Saturday. Chap, chap, chapaaak! You took to it like a fish to the water. Maybe putting up that Nemo sticker helped a bit 😉

making friends with Nemo

Friends forever: Goosh and Nemo

We played so much.. just you and me.  You a lil more comfortable in the water this time. Exploring. Splashing. Grinning. Thrilled. Me, awed, happy, proud, missing Daddy. Both of us oblivious to the cold water and the mid day scorching sun. Lost in our own world. Enjoying the water.

In the pool again!

Treading water!

Your Anjali aunty was so scared, even though the water came just upto your shoulders, even though you had the nice floats on. She kept scolding Mommy for taking you into the water. And then some more because she thought the water was too cold. And then some more when you took in a mouthful. She was soo concerned for you that every time I held you out and let you play about, she’d drop the camera and come running. That’s why dear Goosh, all of your photos show me holding you real close. But dont worry, Mommy’s a smartie.. I let you wander about each time she turned away 😉

Sunday was round 2. The water was a bit colder. The pool was full of people. All gaping at you. You were the star attraction. And you didnt let them down. Today, you went a step further. Actually a few. You walked around in the pool. Yes. You put your feet firmly on the floor and moved ahead. And Mommy, all awed, could barely keep up with you. So thrilled I was!! Dadu called you from one side of the pool, and Anjali aunty from the other, and you looked at both of them and grinned, and went straight ahead 🙂

We put you into a tube as well, trying to get you to lie on it and float. But you wiggled your way out. None of this lazy stuff for me, I want to waddle around!! Oh, did you find the floats so tasty? You kept munching on them through out!!!

And to keep up ur Nanu’s tradition, a nize snooze after the swim:

All snuggled up

All snuggled up

Oh, btw, do you know Mommy’s clicked >250 photos of you this month!!! hahahaha…Here’s the latest.


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