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Wohoooooo!!! I cant believe it! I made it!!!

And before you think I’m crazy, let me just tell you that this is my 100th post!!  When I started blogging last Sept, I wondered how long I’d keep it up. And now I’m addicted. I love being a Mommy. And I love blogging about it. Both things change your perspective immensely.

I’ve been writing about the ‘Mommy’ part.  Let me take some time out to write about the ‘blogging’. Now that I blog, I keep looking out for things to blog about. Or maybe the other way around – I keep filing away things that happen in my mind, hoping to blog about them later. All the little special moments. All the every day moments. Things that I just feel like sharing.

It’s another matter that I dont get down to writing them all. Dont get the time. Period. I’ll think it over a thousand times in my mind – what I want to write. But  I dont get time to sit down and write ’em. And when I do, I get 10 or 15 minutes snippets. So each post is written out in bits and pieces. 10 minutes after lunch. 5 minutes post dinner when the LO is taking a nap. 15 minutes before I call it a night. So if some posts seem disjoint, you now know why!

And why do I write.. hmm.. just to share the thoughts. To put them down on paper, er, post. For someone to witness my life. I think that is one of the saddest things brought about by our lifestyles today – living in metros, away from friends and family, always on the move, travelling, shifting, spending 70% of our waking lives in offices… that there’s no one to witness our lives in totality.  You share a small bit of each day with so many different people, and so superficial.

Also, becoming a Mom, having the Goosh in my life has changed so much. Both he and I are changing, growing each day. I want to keep a tab of that. So that 20 years later we can both look back and smile at the way we were 🙂

Bloging’s also introduced me to this whole new world. Where I can connect with other Moms.  Read about the antics and growing pangs of a kids growing up all over the globe. And how their Moms cope 🙂  I love networking with other Moms here on the blogosphere. In real life, I dont get the time to. I know that there are atleast a dozen Moms with kids in the 0-2 age group in my apartment, but heck what with work and home and kiddo.. i just dont get the time to catch up with them. Sad. Real sad. What to do. Atleast on the blogosphere, I can hop on / off whenever I have the time. Even at midnight. That’s the best thing. After I’m done with everything else for the day I can unwind reading blogs  from across the globe.


See, my 100th post itself was written in 4 parts through the day 🙂

Ok, here’s something I’m starting off. “Toon of the day”. Let me know what you think of it.

“Toon of the day”

What I want to do when I grow up

What I want to do when I grow up


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