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Another coworker inspired post.  “My my, how old is your kid now.. you’ve put on a lot of weight”. Yes my dear, I have. 10 kilos to be precise. I’ve put on 10 kgs since my pre-pregnancy days. Unless ofcourse someone’s playing a really mean prank on me and messed up all the weighing machines.  And it has been 6 months since my baby was born.  I think no one told him that he was supposed to bring all that extra weight out of Mommy’s tummy when he came out. I’ve also put on 6 inches around the waist. Or maybe more. I used towear size 28/30 jeans. Now I cant find a pair to fit me.  I scrounged around alot to find a pair of size 36 and a pair of size 38 that fit me.  (unbranded – hence the different sizes. Branded stores mostly keep till size 34. And I havent had the heart to visit “ALL”.

But whats all the fuss about. How does it matter to anyone how much weight I’ve put on. Or what my waist size is.  I’m a healthy happy mommy. And the only part I care about is that I still dont fit into any of my pre-preg clothes. Aaah.. a wardrobe full of trousers and office shirts, blouses, my favourite T-shirts.. that I wont be able to wear again… that’s the only regret I have.  Heck. Small price to pay for the adorable baby I now hold in my arms, wont you say?


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Pregnancy really changes the way you view everyday things. It’s opened my eyes, so to say, to a million everyday things that I’ve always taken for granted. Here’s some stuff I’ve realised ‘is important’ and i cant do anymore.

– Sit on a chair. Yes.. I cant sit on any of the chairs at home anymore. The baby is quite large now, and I need to lean back. I just cant sit on any chair that has a 90` angle – which rules out all the chairs, sofa & diwan at home. All the better for me – since I cant sit comfortably, I’m forced to take ‘bed-rest’. 😉

– Scratch my feet..ah the simple luxury of being able to reach your toes and swat a mosquito who’s dared to sit on your foot.

– Bend to pick up a fruit from the vegetable tray in the fridge. Or rather, bend to pick up anything – a sock I dropped on the floor, a spoon.

– Brush. Brushing / washing my face requires me to lean forward over the wash basin. A simple task that has now become a feat.

– Cut my toe nails. Or clean my feet. Havent been able to do this for close to 3 months now. Have to ask Mom or hubby dearest to do it for me.

– Wear any of my favourite clothes. I’ve now outgrown all the track pants and Tshirts (yes, even my hubby’s extra large T’s). And all the extra large salwar suits etc I’d bought for maternity wear. I cant go out and buy any stuff right now – am on ‘bed-rest’. Plus maternity clothing here doesnt have too many options. Its still too specialised and expensive to buy just for another 3-4 weeks. I’m surving in my mother’s extra large gowns.

– Eat. Sigh….. am told that after the baby comes my food will have to be even more restricted. As it is, for the last 8 months, I’ve barely been able to eat thanks to the acidity and heartburn. I soooo yearn to have some nice spicy chaat. Or a pizza with jalepenos. A samosa. Wada pav. Rasam. Or even just normal food. I’m soo tired of eating special bland food. Anything with even an iota of red/green/black pepper scorches my insides. Even raw onions cause heartburn. Sigh…
I just long to be able to eat ‘normal’ food.

– Breathe. Yes, breathe. Breathing has become something I need to consciously be aware of and remember. Because the lungs now have less space, I tend to breathe very shallow, or even hold my breath. I need to remind myself to breath every once in a while.

– Wear a pyjama / pants / skirt. Coz I cant bend.

– Walk. I’m not allowed to walk around much. I miss my long walks – or rather the choice and ability to take one. My max speed is now about 1 km / hr 🙂 And I never thought I’d say this, but I miss gym and exercising.
– Mobility. Its not just walking. Things like climbing the stairs. Or going out to buy something. Or going over to a friend’s.
– Lying on my back with a book
– Sleeping comfortably. Not tossing and turning through the night.
– Getting up from the chair / bed without props and support.

So many small things that I’d always taken for granted… Not being able to do these mundane tasks suddenly makes you freeze and take a step back to take stock. It’s surprising and shocking. Especially for someone who’s always been independent and active. Makes you appreciate the small stuff a little bit more. And to take things a little less for granted.

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Sleepless nights

Last week or so, I just havent been able to sleep more than 3-4 hours each night! I dont know why.

It’s not the acidity. I’ve tried taking tablets for that. It isnt that the baby is moving around too much. Yes, I cant find a comfortable position to sleep in.. but I manage that with lots of pillows.
Warm milk I cant have because any kind of milk intake makes me throw up. I just dont know what to do.

The consequence is that I feel woozy all day. Somehow I cant sleep much in the day either. I manage just 20-30 minutes of sleep. But I force myself to ‘try’ sleeping for a few hours..and it doesnt help. There’s not much I can do in this zombie kind of state. Just feel irritable the whole day.

Guess this is all normal in pregnancy….
Let me know if you’ve been through this and what worked for you.

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I’ve heard so much about the food cravings pregnant women have. I’m now into my 8th month and so far I havent had any. Infact, I have a food aversion.

I think the only time I had a ‘craving’ was sometime early into the 7th month. I desperately wanted to have chaat and Chinese and cholle bhatura and pav bhaji – all at once 😉 My taste buds were getting very very desperate for some taste after the months of bland food.

Right now, I’m at home. And my Mom and aunts have got tired of asking me what I want to eat. Truth be told, I dont feel like eating anything. Especially dal, roti and most of the sabjis.  Most things I cannot have because of the acidity and heartburn. The things that I can have taste soooo bland that I just dont feel like eating.

And I just dont feel hungry at all. Another thing I’d heard was that pregnant women hog like crazy – esp this late into the preganancy. And here I’m eating just a wee bit more than before. ANd I dont feel hungry at all. I have to remind myself that this is for Juno and force myself to eat.

Mom keeps running after me most of the day “ye kha lo..wo kha lo” (eat this … eat that) “what shall i make for you..” and i have no clue.

Sigh.. what to do?

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Swollen feet

Was shocked yesterday evening to see my feet so swollen. Believe me.. they looked like two mis-shapen balloons. Ya.. I know.. water is retained and feet do swell in pregnancy. But this caught me by surprise. I’d got used to aching feet, knees and calf muscles. But when I looked down yesterday, my ankles were so swollen. Completely out of shape. Couldnt believe they were mine. Thankfully a full night with my feet propped up on 3 pillows helped reduce the swelling.

And ah, my hands are also swollen. My rings and bangles are now too tight for me to wear.. sigh .. no one warns you about these changes. I mean.. you do ‘hear’ about them.. but nothing quite prepares you for how drastically your body changes.

It no longer feels like my body. Nothing familiar about it any more. More like someone / something else that I have to take care. .. well of course I have to take care of Juno 🙂

Movements are difficult and clumsy. I walk like Humpty Dumpty. I wear my husbands extra large Tshirts and track pants all day long. I have to sit with my feet stretched out infront of me always (if i let them hang, they swell.. duh). I cant sit normally on a chair or even the commode. I have to sleep with atleast 3 or 4 pillows propping me up. And I wake up so many times in the night to change sides. By morning my back aches like crazy.

But then when I feel Juno move about inside me.. I forget all that. I remember the image of Juno’s smile and his tiny hands waving at us.. and I smile. And it’s all alright.

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Acidity & heartburn

Why!?1 Why does it happen. I’m well into my 7th month and the acidity is just not controllable.  I’ve been struggling with the heartburn the whole day today. All thanks to the few bread rolls I had for breakfast this morning…They  tasted soooooooo yummmmm. Just those 5 minutes of pleasure ..followed by a day of suffering…sigh. Why?? When will I be able to eat normally??

All the conventional sayings etc dont seem to hold for me. The acidity, gas and heartburn has been bad from the begining and it just hasnt eased up. Everyone told me that it goes away after the first trimester. Now, in the 3rd trimester – it’s still there.

A spoon of sugar, a glass of milk, icecream, is all supposed to ease the heartburn. But for me, the heartburn just increases with all these.

I’ve long stopped having most spices, tea, coffee, citrus etc etc. But to no avail. I have small, frequent  meals. But the acidity continues..

Digene, TUMs, Zintac etc etc  just dont work anymore.

Sigh. What should I do?? 

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