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A dream come true

We’re watching a movie and there’s a dance scene. A jive or something like that. I look at H and jump – please please please dance with me”. He continues sitting on the bean bag, eating dinner. A hand reaches out to my knees “Mumma, mein dance karta hun tumhare saath”. His small hands grab mine. Firmly. And lead me on to the dance floor 🙂 Like he knows this is important for Mumma. He jumps and he twirls. He runs around me in sheer delight. All the while holding my hand, firmly. Leading me. In his own dance. Up and down and round about. Throwing in what he’s seen us practise the last few weeks (from the one and only single salsa class we managed to attend). Leading me through gleeful turns and twirls. Round and round the floor in a mad dance till I’m giddy.

Bliss. Just what I’ve been waiting for my whole life – a man who can lead me on the dancefloor. Finally.

You made my day Sweetheart.


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