Business dinner = Pizza

A=Aarav aka Goosh. “Goosh” has been deprecated now that he’s a big boy 😉
Of late I’ve been having quite a few business dinners. And each time I’m torn – whether to run home to A; or stay back for a somewhat boring business dinner.
The first time H spun a story around it and told A that it’s a boys’ pizza night.
The second time, I caved in; bunked the business dinner and joined them for pizza.
Today, I’m caught. H asked the lil fellow if he’d like to go for pizza. The brat usually jumps for joy at the mere mention of the word. Instead, I’m told, he pulled a straight face and said “let’s wait for mumma.”
Hmm. Now I’m really torn.
How do other working moms deal with this?
And do the ‘working dads’ also routinely face these guilt pangs?



Miss you

It’s been a crazy week at work. Going in early, coming back late with meetings all day.

So A and I have missed our morning routine – milk together, breakfast, then the drive to school. And by the time I get home, he’s fast asleep, or I just go and crash.

I crawled into bed at midnight, after my calls. I’d last seen him at 8:30 am. He’s had a mild fever in the evening…

His eyes closed shut, he reaches out, feels my face and asks “Where’s Dad? Who’re you?”.

And my world shatters.

I mumble, “Its me. Mumma. I’m back”

Still asleep, he answers back feebly “I didn’t cry. I didn’t bite. I won’t scratch. Promise.”

It took a while for it to sync in.  Earlier, I’d threatened him I’d go off to office if he threw a tantrum & bit & scratched me. And then I was gone. The whole day. 12 hours.

He was still a bit feverish. He sat in my arms for a while. We went searching for his Gems ball. He had some water. I tucked him in again.

2 minutes later, I came back from the loo. He was sitting up on the pillow. “You went to the bathroom na…. I was very sad… I was waiting for you..”. And I melt into a complete puddle.

Baba and baby

During the morning prayer this morning, he points to the 2 agarbattis and smugly says “This is Baba and this is Baby!”

Huh!? well, one was tall and the other was short…

Speaking of tall and short, these days when I pick him in my godi, his feet reach down all the way to my knees! I wonder how much longer I’ll be able to carry him around 😦


His best friend

Me: Tumhara best friend kaun hai [who’s your best friend]

Him: Nahi

Me: accha, school mein best friend kaun hai? AK? (the kid he talks abt most)

Him: Nahi. Koi bhi nahi. Mera best friend sirf Mumma hai.



On cloud 9 since then 🙂


And my nth attempt to get back to blogging. The lil fellow has grown so much and so fast of late. I’m amazed. And I want to get back to capturing the precious moments – how Goosh has now grown up into Aarav.



Bye Bye 2010. Bye Bye blog.

In the 2 years of its existence,  this blog has acquired an identity of its own. Over the last few months, as I stepped up to reclaim my life, i just couldnt express myself here. This is Goosh’s blog.  All about him. His antics.

And as he grows up, I’m having qualms publishing every antic, every experience online, open to everyone.

So with the new year, I’m doing 2 things

1. Making Goosh’s blog private – readable only to people with permission. From 10th Jan 2011.

If there are any readers still out there ;), and u’d like to stay tuned about the Goosh’s antics, drop me a mail at richajn@gmail.com, and I’ll add you on.

2. Moving to my own space: http://richajn.wordpress.com

It’s been wonderful being part of the blogging world; I’ve made many friends; and learnt much from all you cool moms out there. You know who you are 🙂 Thank you all for just being there !

I do hope you join me on my new blog soon.

Wishing you all a rocking new year!

Roses for Mumma

Made by Goosh and Mumma.


The final painted roses adorning our shoe rack!


After the first coat of paint


Work in Progress


Here’s a quick and simple how-to for some Quick and simple roses.

– take some atta. Firmer than what you make rotis with.

– make small balls out of it. Say about 1cm diameter.

– press the balls out into flat ovals. Doesnt have to be even / fixed shapes.

– roll the ovals into a rose, petal by petal. 4 petals are sufficient for a rose bud.

– let ’em dry.

– paint ’em.

and you’re done.

Goosh helped all the way. Right from making the small balls, to pressing them out, to even painting them! I wish I’d taken a video.. but we were just having too much fun 🙂

Fly away

Goosh’s love for aeroplanes continues. Here’s Goosh’s fleet of planes made from play-doh. Thanks Sands!

Goosh's fleet