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While Mom’s gone….

I dont know how, but that kid seems to grow exponentially each time I’m not around. Even if its just a 2 day work trip; or a long day at work. I’ve been gone for 24 hrs – on a quick 2 day trip.  And he comes up with these

When I called after landing in BLR
– Mumma, tum bangalore kyon gaye? Tum pune aa jao.
Baby mein na office ke kaam se aayi hun bangalore.
– Accha theek hai. Tum kaam karke aa jao.

Over the phone this morning as Baba fed him milk
– Mumma, I want you here.
I didnt hear him properly and asked him again
– Mumma, I want you here in Pune. Please come na.

Over dinner to Baba
– Abhi mumma ko ye aacha wala aaloo ka sabji nahi milega

Instructions to Baba:
Tum movie chalo na, mein tumhara godi mein duddoo (milk) peyonga.

Son: Hum mumma ko airport lene jayange.
Father: But baby, wo bahut late aaygi. night mein. 10:30.
Son: No problem. Mein sleep nahi kaoonga.
Huh! How did he know 10:30 is late?

Someone please tell him he’s not 3 yet.



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How much I love you

We have this game where we ask Aarav – baby, do you know how much I love you. And he replies with his arms stretched wide “Soooooooo much”.

H asked him again this morning over breakfast “Baby, do you know how much Baba loves you”.

Pat came the reply. “No. I’m busy now”.

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